Case of the Mondays? Not this girl.

And by “this girl” I mean my sister Rhi. Not me – I’m Mondaying all over the place.

Wanna guess why Rhi is a little jazz-hands about today?



She’s going to meet the President! Okay, well, maybe. She’ll be there to listen to his speech, at least. She’s very excited. And so are we…although we are having a little fun with it, too. As her sisters, it’s kind of our job, right?

Kim: Rhianyn’s got her Obama ticket, an outfit with pockets, a losable book, and big plans to NOT ATTRACT THE MEN IN BLACK.

I assume Kim means the Secret Service and not, you know, Will Smith. Because if Will Smith is there, BY ALL MEANS, ATTRACT HIM, RHI. And then, I don’t know, sit on him or something until I get there. Yes, please.

I suggested that if Rhi were to meet with the Secret Service, she should try to pick them up. Can’t you just see it? “Hey Handsome: I wouldn’t mind if my codename was ‘Flamingo.'” You know – based on Rhianyn’s love for all things flamingo and that West Wing bit… yeah, okay. It was funny in my head.

I’m sure I’ll get updates throughout the day, but so far, all I’ve heard from Rhi is that she had been on campus for 20 minutes already and bygolly NO ONE had frisked her yet! Which – gah! Do they think she wears that much glitter for FUN? (She does, actually.) I mean, what’s a girl gotta do to have a little fun while waiting through the longest wait of her life? Heh.

So, dear bloggy peeps, as you trudge your way through your own version of Monday, try not to hate on my lil sis too much. And if you really can’t get past the fact that she is having the experience of a lifetime while we are stuck at work, just remember – eventually she’ll have to face that post-speech traffic.


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2 Responses to “Case of the Mondays? Not this girl.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    How exciting! Also, yes attract Will Smith and any other cute man in black you can.

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Haha there was no traffic. I waited arouje campus for an hr to eat and let it clear and I was fine 🙂 also the hottest secret service…was in a taaan suit! Who knew!?!

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