Introducing, two adorable new aunties!

Both girls burst through the door in record time last night when their dad dropped them off after dinner. Usually one will saunter in, shouting, “Hello, the house!” (or not – sometimes it’s a bellow of “Mom, I’m still hungry!” that greets me), and the other will follow a few minutes – and a few trips back to the car – later.

Not last night. Last night the girls very nearly just ran right through the front door. They had news to share. BIG news.

Both were tripping over each others’ words, louder and louder, trying to be the one who broke the news. Bee won – by a decibel. “Mom, Step-sister has a BABY IN HER BELLY!”

Yes, Gracie and Bee are going to be aunties!

I’ll confess: I’ve known for a few weeks. Their step-mom gave me a heads up a while back and I very quickly started dreaming about baby snuggles while working on a quilt for the little one. Step-sister is due September 1st, so there is little time to lose. I kept almost-making remarks as I was working on the quilt, but luckily I remembered to bite them back just in time. After the girls’ step-mom made the announcement on her Facebook feed, I asked her if that meant they were telling the girls – someone was going to slip and say something and I was desperately afraid it would be me! I was almost more relieved than excited that the secret was out!

Next month another secret will be announced – there will be a gender reveal party, and everyone has already chosen sides. Team Pink seems to be more popular. I myself am a Team Pink-er, only because I think it will be hilarious if Grampa – the Ex – is surrounded by yet another girl. Heh. Has two girls, marries for a second time and inherits a step-daughter, and his first grandbaby is another girl? C’mon, that is hilarious stuff!

Girl or boy, niece or nephew, grandson or granddaughter, this new little addition to the family will be so, so loved. I can’t wait to share all of the excitement!


One Response to “Introducing, two adorable new aunties!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Congrats to Bee and Gracie – how exciting for them. I gotta vote of the side of team blue though – he will be so spoiled with all those girls around (and all their friends). 🙂

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