Okay, now I’m a little afraid.

April Fool’s Day is lingering at Casa de Katie, just as you’d expect it would. I pranked the girlies in the morning – “Oh my gosh, it snowed last night! Hurry up and get dressed so you can come see!” – and then they spent the evening April Fooling me in tiny, predictable little ways. “Mom, someone’s at the door! [pretending to knock] April Fool’s!” “Mom, I got on yellow today. April Fool’s!” “Mom, I didn’t do any of my homework. April Fool’s!” You know – the types of jokes you’d expect from the 9-and-under crowd.

And that was well and good.

But somewhere between Monday night and this morning, Gracie’s brain grew three sizes and good lord the deviousness! I was getting ready this morning and Gracie walked into my bathroom to use my hairbrush – only my hairbrush in my bathroom will do these days. (And the child’s only nine. Pray for me.) So Gracie starts brushing her hair and I’m applying deodorant and my cute and formerly innocent daughter says to me, “You know what would have been a funny prank for April Fool’s Day, Mom? If I took that stuff out [pointing to my deodorant] and put in a bunch of butter!” She giggled madly and I laughed along with her and teasingly told her that she was evil. But on the inside I think I took three steps back and shrieked a little. Butter!! In my deodorant!! HOW DOES SHE EVEN THINK LIKE THAT?!

A few minutes later: “Mom! Mom, know what else would be funny? If I took the glass out of your glasses and put window glass in there instead! You wouldn’t be able to see!” Gracie was bent over with laughter this time. Ha. Ha ha. Hilarious. And SCARY! I hid all the cringing, though; best not to let on that you’re afraid.

A few minutes after that, we were out in the kitchen putting on jackets and pouring coffee. “Know what else I could do, Mom?” I was too scared to ask. “I could put that clear stuff [Saran wrap] across your door and then when you walked into your room, you couldn’t!!” More evil cackling giggling.

I laughed with my darling almost-nine-year-old and told her, “You’re going to be mean when you grow up!” But I don’t think it phased her. Oh, no. She’s not the one with the lasting scars.

Hold me.


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One Response to “Okay, now I’m a little afraid.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I like the way that girl thinks! In college my roommate and I Saran wrapped someone’s door and filled the space in between with beanbag fill. This year I had friends who covered the kids door way with wrapping paper and filled the space with balloons.

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