Was that a…cow?

Last night, Gracie was lying on the couch watching Shark Week (which is proven WITH SCIENCE to help you recover from a stomach bug faster) and Bee was doing some math problems on the computer in the front room. I was paying bills on my laptop in the craft room and heard…a rather odd noise.

I walked out to the living room. There it was again!

“…Was that…a cow??” I asked Gracie.


It wasn’t just me – or maybe it was – but I heard a distinct moo-ing sound again. “Is that coming from outside or from Bee’s computer game?” I scanned the farm behind us and counted three horses, as always, and zero cows. The mooing – much louder than you’d think – was definitely coming from outside.

Gracie and I walked out on the patio. There was definitely a cow somewhere. And it was really loud!!

Gracie brought a kitchen chair outside and we both stood on it. Looked across the fence. And gaped. You will not believe what we saw.


Yes – COWS. Baby cows. Did you know baby cows are really loud?! They are! Also – COWS! In my neighbors’ yard! What the man?! I do not even know if my neighbors are allowed to have baby cows! All I could think of was that those baby cows had better not be scream-mooing all night long. Because what are the rules exactly for calling the police and asking them to shoot your neighbors’ cows in the head so you can sleep? Probably it is not the thing to do if you want to still be liked in the neighborhood.

Thankfully, the cows either went to sleep or into the house or maybe far, far away because there was not any mooing, screaming or otherwise, by the time we went to bed.

Monday – it was officially the weirdest.


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2 Responses to “Was that a…cow?”

  1. Kathy Says:

    CRAZY! Funny, weird, crazy. You will have to let us know if they actually live next door or if they were just visiting.

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Moon beam!!!! Awwww. Can you blow smoke in their faces so theyre still widdle.baby cowzies when I gets there? :oD

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