Easter shopping…and then some.

I was all about dress shopping for the girls’ Easter dresses this year. Which is almost kind of funny because I don’t even have the girls’ on Easter weekend. Not that really matters, because really what I need them for is for the Easter portraits I take each year. If I don’t have those to send to Grandma, well, obviously I fail at parenting. And so! Dress shopping!

I bought the girls’ Easter dresses a few weeks ago online. Old Navy has the slowest shipping pony is all the kingdom, so when the dresses finally arrived last week, I had almost forgotten what I ordered. That is, until I opened the package. Then I clearly remembered that there was way on Earth that the pink and silver sundress I picked out for Bee looked that fluorescent pink online. It was still wicked cute, though, if not Easter appropriate, so I tucked it away for Bee-girl’s birthday. Gracie’s Easter dress, thankfully, looked just as cute in real life as it did on the computer screen. Unfortunately, it was way, way too big for her. That was kind of my fault, though. Gracie’s in that tricky in-between stage where half of the dresses in a size medium are just a leeetle bit too short, but the girl’s upper body is so tiny that most size large dresses swim on her. Guess what happened with the sundress I picked out? Yeah, even if I put in a few well-placed stitches in the seam under her arm, the bodice of the dress still ballooned out. So back to the drawing board we went.

Saturday morning we trooped out to an actual Old Navy store. I picked out Gracie’s dress in a size medium for her to try on, a few more sundresses that were Eastery-enough and not too dressy to be worn as sundresses the rest of the summer, and maybe a dress or two for me to try on, too. (Hey, it was a good sale.)

We walked out with this:


Both of the girls’ dresses are mediums and I haven’t quite decided who is going to wear what. I think the sundress on the left will be Gracie’s (it’s the style I original picked out for her – the bottom of the dress fades to white and there’s a white string belt that wraps around), and the white sundress with colorful flowers and the melon shrug on the right will probably be Bee’s. You can see the wedges and sandals we picked up at Payless sitting there in the back. I picked up a few camis for Gracie because she practically lived in her tank tops last summer and I know they’ll get worn, and because she has a few sweaters that…well, let’s just say they look a lot nicer when she has something on underneath. Plus? Mega sale on those. The St. Patrick’s Day shirts were a reward for the girlies for being so extremely well-behaved during the entire trip. The dresses in the middle? Those are mine. The jersey tank dress on the left will get more than it’s fair share of use this summer when it’s 100-and-deathly outside. (And the swirly A-line cut was super flattering.) The blue linen dress with the tiny flower print is for Easter. I have so! many! jewelry options (including the two pairs of green earrings that I couldn’t decide between), so I might have to throw up a poll. Don’t worry – Rhi is the final judge on that, not me.

And there you have it. Easter dresses purchases, returns made, Spring wardrobes are set. Now, if someone could cast an enchantment on my daughters so that they don’t grow any more between now and the end of spring, I’d be eternally grateful.


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