What I’m coveting.

There’s this chair that I’ve stopped to look at about a dozen times or so since I first saw it at Target. See? This one:


The Web site says it’s grey, but trust me – real life says it’s more of a taupe. And I’m not entirely certain that it’s the kind of taupe that goes with my grey and plum-colored scrap/craft/Auntie Kim’s room.  But the design and the feel of the chair totally goes. So there’s that.

I’m kinda worried, too, that it won’t fit. I know – measure, stupid. Right? I’ve taken a picture of the box with the dimensions on it. The problem with that is that the dimensions shown on the box don’t include the height of the actual seat, just the height of the back of the chair. So while I’m guessing that it won’t sit any lower to the ground than the black folding chair I’m currently using, if it did, it would totally throw off all my desk work. And then I’d be $149 (plus tax) in the hole.

That and did I mention that it was so pretttty? Sure, it’s sold at Target and isn’t what you might call a luxury item, but when you’re working with stamps and ink and glue and Sharpies and you have less grace than a pissed-off, rampaging giraffe, you worry about these things. And that’s before you remember that you also let your creative under-ten set in there to craft with their stash while you (try to) sleep in a lil bit on the weekends. That makes you think long and hard about buying a chair covered in fabric.

And so, dear readers, that is why this pretty, pretty chair is still sitting in its box at the store while I sit here and covet it. At least until I work up enough justification to go and buy it.


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One Response to “What I’m coveting.”

  1. Kim Says:

    I, too, have paused in front of this chair a dozen times at Target, mostly to try to gauge whether it would fit height-wise in front of your scrap desk, heh. I’m pretty sure it would be hella-low. You know, unless we buy 2 more legs and move the stacked drawers across the room…

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