Happy thoughts all around.

Today’s going to be one of those days where I’m sending out happy thoughts as quickly as I can generate them.

On a less serious (but still un-fun) note, my sisters and parents are in the path of <dun dun dunh> Blizzard Nemo. They’re forecasting up to three feet of snow before the drifting. Kim’s tried to make a pact: if Nemo leaves their electricity alone, she won’t complain about getting snowed in for her birthday. The Weather Channel said last night that parts of Connecticut and Mass. could have winds gusting to 85 mph. So, um, yeah. Sending happy, warm thoughts to my fam! (And expecting updates throughout the day, you guys.)

A little more pressing than the snowpocalypse this morning, though, is my mom-in-law. I guess technically she’s my “ex” mom-in-law, but we’ve remained just as close. (I swear she’s the glue that binds the Ex’s family together.) She’s having additional shunts put in a teeeeeny-tiny artery in her brain this morning, and, well, the neurosurgeons have given her less than stellar odds because of the location and size of the artery where they’ll be working. Then again, as I kept telling Mom, they have no idea how stubborn she is! They’re not exactly dealing with a mere mortal! Still: I’ll be on edge until I hear from the Ex or Papa Doug that she’s come through surgery okay, and probably for a little longer besides.

So! In conclusion, I know it’s Friday and all, and it’s supposed to be the day to let loose a little and stop caring so much about the work week, but if you could send me and mine a few happy thoughts while you’re going about your day, I’d appreciate it!


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2 Responses to “Happy thoughts all around.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Hugs and happy thoughts for you and your extended family. If Mom is that stubborn she will be just fine.

  2. Kim Says:

    Rhianyn and I finally got her car out of its spot! AND cleared the path in front of my car. Now I just have to move the 6 foot bank on the side of it enough to open a door and squeeze in. Well, and pray that there’s enough traction that it can sort of gently roll down the hill in a sideways S fashion out into the street…

    Fingers. Crossed.

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