One of my favorite splurges while Kim is here is shopping. The very generous coupons I got from Kohl’s and New York & Co. didn’t hurt either. Heh. There was also a rather exquisite trip to The Container Store where Kim found some delightful mustache paper clips. We’re also trying to find a better laptop bag/purse for me because I’m not thrilled with the color I’ve found. So if you have any tips…


Those boots? Kim found for fifteen dollars. The coral button-down, sweater and scarf were my finds at New York & Co., not so much on sale, but I had a $70 off $150 coupon, so what was I going to do? My necklace was also from there, as was Kim’s paterny top and her shimmery tank. My favorites were the owls that she found at Target, of all places. $5 for three pairs of earrings = awesome find.

And THAT is one of the reasons I have been unbloggy this week. I’ve been busy collecting material.


One Response to “ShoppingShoppingShopping…”

  1. Kathy Says:

    If I ever have money again I want to go shopping with you. Looks like you had a ton of fun.

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