Quote of the day.

I haven’t stopped giggling over this since last night. And if you have a kill-me-now kind of head cold where nothing penetrates the fog of exhaustion, giggling is good. It’s golden. It’s everything. So of course I had to share.

The scene: We were opening Christmas cards and Gracie was working through the cursive handwriting like it was her job. In real life: that girl thought she was codebreaking. Since Gracie’s on the tail-end of the same head cold I have, I was taking the good mood with quite a lot of gratefulness.

Gracie, deciphering: “Hope you…are…well. We are…fine…here. The kids must be…executed? WHAT?”
Me, through mouthfuls of laughter: “HAHAHA! ‘The kids must be executed this Christmas. Sorry, Gracie – only 12 days left to live!! HAHAHA!”

Thankfully, Gracie was in a rare good mood, and joined me in my puddle of laughter.

Gracie: “Find joy in the little things at Christmas, Mom, like executing your kids!! But what does it REALLY say?”
Me: “The kids must be excited for Christmas this year.”
Gracie: “Oh. Well. That’s not as funny.”

Oh, my. A special thanks to my Auntie Holly for the card that sent much more merriment than she probably thought it would. I now insist that all of my Christmas cards be written in cursive, just to see what else my darling elves decode.


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One Response to “Quote of the day.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Oh, I love it!

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