My least favorite Christmas tradition. Hmph.

Remember that one year, not that long ago – maybe two or three years? – when I put off getting the girls their flu shots because I wanted the shots to be effective for most of the flu season? I had planned on taking the girls to get them the week after Christmas because that’s when I had vacation and because January-March is our peak flu season. Except then Gracie got sick, and then even sicker, and it turned out she had the flu. For Christmas. That was the year I won Worst Mama of the Year Award, even though it turned out that Gracie didn’t even get as sick as you would imagine, considering it was the flu. But don’t worry: I might make light of it now, but I felt allllll of the guilt available and have never forgiven myself.

Not that that’s saved me from the karma police. I’ve been sick at Christmas ever year since then.

Two years ago I was so sick, I had to call in reinforcements to help watch the childrens. Last year I had bronchitis The Plague and took a two-hour nap on Christmas Eve (usually, I’m the one who can’t sleep because I’m too excited). This year, I was “lucky” enough to catch it early. I’ve had this soul-sucking banshee of a cold for three days now and nothing is helping. Not over-the-counter stuff. Not home remedies. Not chocolate. I can’t even sleep it off because I’m reaching for a tissue every 10 seconds.

Okay, so maybe the Patriots game helped a little.

And maybe when I noticed (half-delirious) that my sister would be here so soon that not only was her arrival date now within my 10-day forecast, but even my milk expired after she arrived, that helped. (Except then I realized I only have one weekend to unearth her bed from my scrap room – that kinda made me panic. But the panic was buried under allll of the blech-ness, so the panic sorta went like this: Ahhh.)

And maybe the hilariously crappy romance novels I’ve been reading have made me chuckle/cough/choke a time or two.

But mostly it’s just knowing that IF I can get over this, maybe, MAYBE I won’t be sick on our actual Christmas. That would make it (mostly) okay that Gracie’s former-headcold is close to killing me now.

…Unless, of course, Bee-girl catches it from me.

Stupid Christmas tradition.


5 Responses to “My least favorite Christmas tradition. Hmph.”

  1. Shayne Says:

    I though I was the only one who thought of things relative to my milk expiration dates! Hope you feel better soon. -Sb

  2. Kim Says:

    I have slept on your couch before – and it was still the sleep of the dead. Don’t worry if you can’t unearth the bed in “my” room!

  3. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Flu…shmu 🙂 but if bee does get it lable one of santas gifts special for beig brave and fluie on xmas. U don’t even have toget something special just somethig already going under the tree. OR youcould put together the most awesomest dr kit for them. And if she isn’t sick save it fornext year. You shall unjinx yourself if you uave it ready in ur xmas bin! Make sure its wrapped too so it knows its specifically xmas juju 🙂

  4. Mary Says:

    Maybe this will be the year to break tradition!

  5. Kathy Says:

    I feel your pain. We have all been sick too and I am praying we are all healthy for Christmas. Hurry up and get healthy without sharing.

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