How else would a family advent(ure) calendar begin?

Once again, we at Casa de Katie are celebrating the season with our family advent(ure) calendar. It’s a great way to remember the real reason for the season: spending time together. Not presents. Not candy and cookies and chocolates. Not slogging through the routine dinner/homework/showers/bedtime story routine. Actual fun familytimes.

I think our tradition has become almost as popular with the girls as their candy calendars.

Sunday night (since the girlies were at their dad’s on Saturday), after dinner I announced that it was time to check the advent calendar to see what we would be doing. Every year the first activity is making paper chains. Every year the girls are surprised. And delighted. Because who doesn’t like making paper chains?! Even mama loves making them.


What was amusing was when Bee saw the red boxy Christmas-tree-shaped advent calendar and asked, “Are we putting chocolates in it?!” all excited like. You know, just like she asked last year. And the year before that.

“No, sweetheart,” I answered with a patented mama sigh. “We put little pieces of paper in here that tell us what Christmas activity we’re going to do. Remember last year?”

“Oh. Yeah,” Bee answered, a little disappointed. But then she cheered right up: “And chocolates?”

“NO! Just paper.”

“… But we could put chocolates in there.”

Not pictured in the photos that WordPress won’t let me publish: the M&Ms that a certain six-year-old found in the closet, not the advent(ure) calendar.


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3 Responses to “How else would a family advent(ure) calendar begin?”

  1. Mary Says:

    Ha, ha…I’m with Bee…you really COULD slip a chocolate in there!

  2. Kim Says:

    I’ve got to restock Auntie Rhi’s supply of fudge – perhaps I shall send some down to poor Miss Bee as part of MY Christmas Advent(ures).

  3. Kathy Says:

    I like Bee’s way of thinking. Please slip chocolate into one of those little drawers for her.

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