Back from the crazy.

Excuse me as I yawn and stretch my way through my morning routine again. It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve had to get up, get the kids ready and slog through my morning routine. I used my vacation as a much-needed break from all sorts of responsibilities – including the bloggy bloggy, but I think it’s more than time that I return to what passes for normal around here. Vacations just aren’t that restful once you hit a certain point at my house. To wit:

Instance the first: Thanksgiving was lovely, but it came with a price. We dined with Corrie & John’s extended family, and John’s dear dad and step-mom cooked us a feast so tasty and ginormous that it took the grown-ups a full hour to stir after the last morsel had been eaten. In fact, there was so much good food and it was just so hard to force any of it down that his step-mom ended up in the hospital the next day with a torn intestine. Just sayin’ – you think joking about holding back from that last piece of pie is all fun and games until someone loses an intestine. Ann is on the mend after emergency surgery and may even be discharged to bed rest this week.

Instance the second: I extended my holiday from work yesterday so I could chaperone the first-grade field trip to the zoo. Good. god. Even though the kids were on their best behavior, and even though there were five moms and a really awesome teacher herding the 21 first-graders in Bee’s class, we were all tuckered out by the end of the day. I don’t know how Ms. K. does it all day, every day! With all the noise and chaos aside, it was a wonderful chance for me to get to know some of the new moms and compare notes. I also got a heartbreaking reminder of the realities that too many of Bee’s classmates live with everyday: the school they attend is excellently rated, but also situated in a very low-income neighborhood. Several of the students in Bee’s class don’t know what it’s like to be lavished with attention from a grown-up (besides their teacher) because their parent(s) are busy working several jobs or are exhausted when they come home from work or just never learned to parent with demonstrable affection. This one little girl often refused to go look at the animals because she was afraid that she would lose “her place” next to me and wouldn’t get to hold my hand if she left my side. I kept promising her I would be right there and push her towards her rampaging classmates. She kept asking me if she could come home with me. How does that not break your heart? But good moments aside, I was tuckered out after my day with the class and I was more than willing to trade chaperoning for my desk job!

Instance the third: I am not kidding – last night at my house my eight-year-old was bellowing Adele’s Rolling in the Deep while showering at the same time my six-year-old was trying to see if she could fit the entire door-handle into her mouth. I love my life at home dearly, but I think work might be calmer. Even with 600+ emails in my inbox.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Try not to lose a limb today.


2 Responses to “Back from the crazy.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Leave it to Bee to make me die laughing. Why I ask you! Why was she trying to fit the entire door-handle into her mouth?

    Glad to hear Ann is on the mend. Hope some of your vacation was restful.

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    I’m so glad that happened last night lol I’m workig with those (shudder) numbers and needed a laugh. And as silly and random and stupid as it sounds miss bee does have more room in her mouth now. I wonder if she’s already experimented and failed and if sue thougut it’d work now.

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