Ready? Aim! SPIT!

I taught Gracie how to play Spit the other night. You know Spit, don’t you? It’s a fast-paced card game with two people where you each have a row of 15 cards in front of you arranged in 5 piles. The remaining cards are divided between you as your draw piles. At the start of each turn, you both flip over a card face-up into the middle of the table (so there are two piles face-up). Those are the piles you play on, playing any of the top cards from your five piles onto either of the middle piles, provided they’re one-up or one-down from two in the middle. I’m sure that’s clear as mud. Trust me, I’m much better explaining this in person.

Just ask Gracie – the first night we played, I went easy on her. I moved painstakingly slow, letting her get in a bunch of moves so she would get the hang of the game. She wasn’t great, but she still cried when it was time for bed. Last night it started off slow and I still played one-handed, but by the end of the evening, she was beating me more often than not and I wasn’t even letting her! 20 hands in, it had devolved into belly-laughing, tear-streaming, full-contact cards. Just like we like to play ’em at Casa de Katie!

Auntie Kim promised to relieve me in a few weeks when she comes for Christmas. Guess I have that long to find protective gear for everyone to wear.

Look out world: that kid is vicious! Fun, too, but IN IT to WIN IT!!


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4 Responses to “Ready? Aim! SPIT!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Taught Eli how to play Spit last spring. Our set up is a little different but the concept is the same and it always devolves into “contact cards”. I will have to get the cards out when I get home now.

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Make sure you find nail clippers. Also this will be nothing compared to how scary lil miss bee will be with spit…OR spoons

  3. Kim Says:

    Yeah – we’re def going to have to enforce some spacing out rules when we all sit down to play…Bee + Gracie will be quite the onslaught!

  4. Mary Says:

    I absolutely LOVE how you spend such quality time with your girls! I’m not sure I’ve ever played Spit.

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