That should keep them busy for a few days at least.

Oh my god the CHOCOLATE at my house. Actually, there is more to the candy haul than just chocolate; it just happens that I am blind to the rest. As is, I suspect, dear Bee.

We had a pretty stress-free year. The costumes cost me all of $4 and half a minute to construct: Gracie was a ninja and Bee was a spy. I bought black duct tape to wrap a cardboard wrapping paper roll for her, dressed her in black leggings and a black t-shirt and voila! Ninja. For Bee, I gathered up the spy gear essentials (see in the dark goggles, a gadgety-type watch and a Nerf gun), dressed her in black leggings and a black t-shirt and she was done. Ta da! Much easier (even if a little wimpier) than last year.

It took us less than ten minutes to get ready when we got home from school and work. We ate a quick dinner of pizza and juice boxes at Corrie & John’s. We chatted with Grammy and Grandma and Grandpa while waiting for Corrie and N. to work their way through traffic. Waited for Cindergirl and Vampira (that would be N. and J.) to get all dolled up. And then we walked along, the grownups all laughing and chatting while we walked ten steps, stopped, waited for the trick or treaters, laughed, counted heads, and then repeated…a couple hundred times.

It was fun, painless, and a lot easier than what I’d been dreading. Why is it that we as parents seem to always dread that which our kiddos look forward to the most? Halloween, birthday parties, the end of school… Okay, it doesn’t always line up so neatly, but still. The point is that last night was fun – as it always it, hanging with m’partners-in-crime. The only hiccup was the number of times we had to keep hauling the girlies back from unlit houses. In fact, I think I shall tax them after the fact – one candy bar for every time I had to yell, “The light isn’t on! C’mon, next house!” Oh, and maybe one for every time I had to remind Bee not to stray from her herd or she’d get eaten.

Funtimes indeed. And that’s before you figure in all the chocolate. Good for eating AND for bribes. Mwa ha ha.



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