And the pumpkins were carved on the table with care…

…in hopes that the Great Pumpkin soon would be there. Or. Um. Something to that effect.

Guess what we did last night? Heh.

The obligatory before shot:

Then the girls declared themselves Zombies. Gracie lurched around while Bee ate some “pumpkin brains.” I cannot make up the awesomeness that was on display. In real life.

When it was time to get down to business, there was the usual bickering for the first few minutes, but then Bee gave up scooping out the innards and let Gracie do all the work. Instead, Bee concentrated on making pumpkin “masketti.” And if you think I’m not introducing her to spaghetti squash really soon, you’re nuts.

The two of them make quick work of de-grossifying the pumpkin once they quit arguing. Then they set up this awesome shot as I went to click one of them smiling. Yep. I fell for the ol’ bait and switch. Aren’t they hilarious? (If I had a nickel for every time I heard “WAIT!!!” as I was about to take a picture…)

There was a short debate to decide how to carve the pumpkin. Earlier in the week, we had a great controversey over whether to carve the pumpkin or stick a Mr. Potato-Head-esque face/arms/legs onto it. Bee was in favor of making a Toy Story pumpkin. Gracie was in favor of carving it. We compromised by deciding that we would carve it, but Bee got to decide what kind of face he had. And all was well.

Can I just say she has great taste?

We are the masters!



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One Response to “And the pumpkins were carved on the table with care…”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You are women of most awesome creativity.

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