Hunker down and eat cupcakes.

My sisters, who live in the (northern) backwoods of Connecticut, decided to evac to northern New Hampshire, rather than risk losing life, limbs, and electricity. They arrived safely last night and texted some pics from their new digs:

That would be Rhianyn there, hiding behind the laptop.

Kim briefly considered evacking to Tejas because tix were less than $200 roundtrip if she came down on Saturday, but we were at a loss of what to do with the kitty.

Friedrich is camped out in New Hampshire, too. If, by camped out, you really mean “running around and finding alllll the places (ALLLLL THE PLACES!) where he can hide.” So far, that list includes under the bed, between the couch and the wall, behind the curtains, and on the chair under the desk. I suggested to Kim that he was playing Hide & Seek In The Dark, With A Very Special Guest Star! Of course he is.

Not pictured is all the food crammed into the car for the trip, including the 2-for-1 packages of Hostess Cuppacakes.

You CANNOT disaster-prep without cuppacakes. It’s a rule of the universe and general known order of things. Or, um, something.

So far the ladies only have light rain in their area, while Connecticut has an additional 6 feet of tidal surge above what was predicted, is closing roads at 1 p.m., and has started shutting down electricity along the coast. Not as bad as New Jersey and NYC, but still – sounds like getting the heck out of dodge was the right call.


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One Response to “Hunker down and eat cupcakes.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    So glad to read the went to safer grounds. I pray they (and everyone else) stay safe.

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