Quote of the Day (that is not about waffles).

Gracie was watching Dr. Quinn last night as I ran around checking backpacks, putting away laundry, and other end of weekend activities. General Custer had just replaced whatever yahoo had left, and so Gracie asked…

Gracie: Mom, who’s Custer?
Me: Don’t you remember Custer from the later episodes? The bad guy? Custer’s Last Stand?
Gracie: What? Custer’s hand stands? … What are you talking about, Mom?

Maybe that’s where we went wrong. If we couldn’t just trained him to do some snazzy hand stands a little earlier, we could have shot him before he murdered thousands of innocent people. Them hand stands are full of powerfull juju.


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One Response to “Quote of the Day (that is not about waffles).”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I love your children and their crazy quotes.

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