Yesterday was not a good day for ears.

In a lot of ways, you could say mommyhood is a series of blog posts you’d never thought you’d write. Last night, when I thought to myself, today is just  not a good day for ears, while comforting the second ear-injured child, I knew I was having one of those moments. Those never thought I’d be here exactly moments.

Ear injury the first: I was on the phone with my (ex) mother-in-law, who had called to check on me and my gall-bladder-or-ulcer? issues. She had called and left me a voice mail this weekend while I was at a friend’s house, and I had listened to it, erased it, and then forgotten to call her back. Whoops. Which was why I couldn’t rush off the phone when I noticed Bee, who had just been bouncing and laughing on my bed, was  now all of a sudden crying on my bed where she had been happily lying a moment before. Upon further examination (while mid-sentence – we adventurous mamas have to multi-task, of course), I realized Bee’s new dolphin earrings had gotten stuck in the woven blanket on my bed, and when she tried to get up, it had yanked on her earring a few times. I extricated her, checked her ear, and sent her off to get an ice pack. Her ear seemed to be fine – reddened, but fine – but I knew the ice pack would calm her down and let me finish my conversation. When I got off the phone a few minutes later, I rechecked Bee’s ear and realized it was bleeding a little. It didn’t look to be ripped at all; the tiny amount of blood seemed to have come from inside the earring hole, so I wiped it with an antiseptic wipe and sent be off to bed. (With a tooth under her pillow – the second one in three days. It wasn’t a good week for teeth, either.)

Ear injury the second: Gracie had decided she wanted to change her earrings. So, after Bee was settled in bed, I got Gracie all set up at the kitchen counter with her new earrings. I pulled the backs off the first earrings, pulled and – tears. Her ear seemed to have grown over her earring post. She’d had the new ones in for a week, and hadn’t complained, but apparently her ear wasn’t very happy with them. The front looked fine, but when I finally got the earring out, the back was swollen and red and looked slightly infected. I slathered it with anti-septic and got the new new earring in there – barely. And with lots of screaming. And I had a hard time finding the back hole. Great. Gracie’s other ear looked fine, but the new earring didn’t want to go in that ear, and Gracie lost her nerve. I suggested putting in the earrings she picked out when she had her ears pierced, at least until her ears healed. I slathered both with more anti-septic, carefully removed the peace sign we had worked so hard to get in the infected ear, and braced for a second assault when I put in her original earrings. Which went in easy as pie. Of course. I told Gracie she should remember to spin her earrings every day; I’ll do it, too, when I put more antiseptic on, but it can’t hurt if she gets in the habit.

So there you have it. Another day, another round of adventures. Mine remain unscathed, but I’m thinking of putting them in protective custody until this ear curse lifts. And maybe antibiotics for everyone to ward off the ear infections. Just to be safe, you understand.


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2 Responses to “Yesterday was not a good day for ears.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Ouch, ouch, ouch!! Those poor little ears. I remember E having trouble with earrings like Gracie had. The mean me would tell you a horror story about it, but instead I will say twirl those earrings EVERY day and slather with antibiotic ointment. Ouch!

  2. Mary Says:

    Awww, poor girls! Bee’s ear had to hurt…that never feels too good!

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