Sometimes you just can’t hold it in.

I’m quickly learning that one of the downsides to having a brilliant daughter is that your opportunities to laugh at her innocent blunders and misconceptions start occurring fewer and farther between. Which is sad. However! When it does happen – like it did last night – it makes the laugh even funnier. Even if you can’t really show it because your brilliant daughter is a bit of a drama queen with very sensitive feelings. Ahem.

So, there we were, me working on something on the computer, Bee in the other room reading a read-along book on the Kindle, and Gracie sitting next to me on the floor reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets aloud to me. Gracie loves to read out loud. She was doing a good job too, except I have a sneaking suspicion that they might be talking about punctuation, expression, and context words because Gracie kept stopping, muttering, “Wait! I have to read that with emotion,” and resuming. With great. excessive. emotion. [Note to self: thank Ms. G. for that later.]

And while that was funny (at first), that wasn’t the bit I’m talking about. That thing happened a few moments later as she was reading along. She was talking about the color of something and I heard, “Blah blah blah periwinkie blah blah.”

Wait – what?

Gracie thought the same thing, so she sounded it out a few times, re-read it, and each time she settled on periwinkie.

Peri. Winkie.

I don’t know why that word gives me the giggles, but it does. “Periwinkle,” I corrected. Hey, what good is reading aloud if she doesn’t learn a thing or two, right? Except the little gremlin corrected me.

“No, Mom – periwinkEEEEEE. It says it right here! Periwink…oh. That’s an ‘l-e.’ I thought it was ‘i-e’!”

She reread the sentence correctly, but I still was trying to hold down the giggles. Periwinkie. I wonder how many times I can work that into a sentence today.


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