And the bad mama award goes to…

Let me say in my defense: Bee has a spelling test today. She has a spelling test and she doesn’t know all of the words, no matter how many spelling drills we’ve done. She has a spelling test, doesn’t know all of the words, and is rather very anxious about it.

So of course I didn’t believe her when she started crying about her cheek hurting at breakfast.

I thought she had bitten her cheek while she was sleeping. Or was even maybe making it up. Or perhaps a molar was coming in. So I snapped at her and told her to eat and toast and jelly and simply chew on the other side of her mouth. I snapped at her that we didn’t have medicine for that. (Oh, the unreasonable amount that kid likes medicine for all of her very specific ailments.) I snapped that if she didn’t eat, she would be hungry all day, that lunch was a looooong time away.

She kept crying anyway.

Long, pokey minutes later, when she still hadn’t eaten more than one square of toast, I told her she could eat or not eat. She chose not eating. Because her cheek hurt. She threw her toast away (while I snapped that she was being wasteful, of course) and sniffled her teary way to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

When she came out, still a wee bit teary, I had calmed down and felt rather ashamed of myself. “Come here, Bee,” I said. I gave her big hugs and then asked to see her cheek. I wanted to make sure there wasn’t an absessed tooth or anything. Because how stupid would I feel. That? That is called foreshadowing. Because as Bee was opening her mouth – barely – and complaining that it hurt, mama! I noticed that her ear and jaw were visibly swollen. And though not quite bruised, it hurt her – a lot – for me to barely even tough it. Swollen glands. Really swollen glands.

I. felt. horrible.

No wonder it hurt for her to move her mouth or talk or eat or brush her teeth. And here I was making it ten times worse by making her cry. So. Bad mama of the week right here. And if it’s strep, I’m giving myself a bonus prize. Woohoo.


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2 Responses to “And the bad mama award goes to…”

  1. Kathy Says:

    No Bad Mama – just Normal Mama. I think we all do it – assume the reason for abc or xyz is because there is something they don’t want to do. E’s stomach aches = urgent appendectomy (finally) and “my knee hurts” wasn’t growing pains but grinding cartlidge that I had mostly ignored for more than a year. It wasn’t constant complaining but seems to coincide with having to run the mile. Sorry, you don’t get the award or the bonus prize – I think you have to share with the rest of us.

    Hope Miss Bee feels better quickly. You too Mama.

  2. Gayle Says:

    We’ve all done it. It does feel terrible, doesn’t it? I hope Bee gets better quickly!

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