Like she needed any encouragement in the “rule the world” department.

Two days into the school year and my girls haven’t decided to drop out – huzzah! Actually, like the little nerds they are, they are in love with their teachers. Bee told me she’s not my kid any more; she’s Miss K’s kid. Well then. I’m sure there are nights I would gladly send Bee home with Miss K. And then there’s Gracie’s continued love and devotion for Miss G, the same teacher she had last year. Gracie might love Miss G. even more than she did, which I didn’t think was possible, but after seeing Gracie’s first homework assignment, I can’t say that I blame her.

It’s a work of genius. In order to teach her kids about economics and a bit about how the real world works, Miss G. came up with 6-8 jobs that each student will apply for. Each job pays a certain amount and the kids will get a fake checkbook and register to track income and expenses. Jobs that the kids can apply for include: The custodian neatens the classroom, sweeps the floor, etc; the librarian helps in the library, takes care of classroom books, let’s the teacher know of any defacement; Messengers take attendance sheets to the office, build a sense of community with other faculty members and children; Record keepers help keep track of grades and color changes; bankers tally each students funds (for they are paid a certain amount for their jobs monthly), collect rent each student pays from their funds towards desk and locker space, tracks fines assessed and rewards earned, etc; a security guard will be the caboose of every class line to make sure everyone is accounted for, carry Miss G’s classroom keys and lock the door behind them, and escort children to the office or school nurse. And then there’s the policemen/women. The police officer is given an area of the classroom to monitor. He or she can issue tickets for infractions, must keep an eye out for unsafe situations, and can tattle report matters to the teacher.

Guess which one Gracie picked as her first choice?

Yes, that would be class despot.

I have to hand it to Gracie, though, on her job application under “List 3 reasons why you would be good at the job of your choice” she did have the chutzpah to list “I’m bossy,” as one of her reasons. If Miss G. hands that kid a ticket book and gives her free reign to all but wave her dictator stick around, it’s her own fault if Gracie organizes a coup and takes over their classroom hallway side of the building. I tried to help – Gracie’s third choice was banker (her second was security guard “because you get to know secrets and have the keys and it is second most important,” she says) needed a letter of reference to attest to the applicant’s math skills, and in writing the letter of reference, I may have included that being Schooltown’s banker would be in the best interest of the class – even if Gracie freezes everyone’s financial assets and takes control of allll the money!, it isn’t as dangerous as appointing her mini-despot. I really hope Miss G. holds on to that letter – that’s something I’d like to keep in Gracie’s memory box. Heh.

So! It looks like it’s going to be a rather interesting year. One kid is trying to master phonics, and one kid is trying to appoint herself Queen Dictator over everything else. I could act surprised, but I’m not.


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2 Responses to “Like she needed any encouragement in the “rule the world” department.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I love this job list and how they earn money, spend money etc. I also love Gracie’s reasoning for wanting to be security / police / Queen Dictator. Love it. Since I work in security I can appreciate her point of view.

    Are you on hurricane watch or is it staying far enough east? Stay safe!

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    We did this in my 3rd grade class! I was incharge of the art center and got togive the class a lecture on color coding and not drawing on themselves or the table. We didn’t have to pay rent though we got to spend our money at the classroom store 🙂

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