Meanwhile, back at the bat cave…

I knew this weekend was likely going to be the last bastion of relaxation before the hectic school year rained down projects and homework and forms (two hours, two hours I spent signing forms last night) and all other manner of craziness. So what did I do?

Why, I spent it getting my geek on, of course.

The upside to cleaning your spare room for a friend to use for a few weeks and then her not needing the space is that it’s already clean – and you can use it for yourself. I printed out pictures from January of this year, created layouts, and scrapped my little heart out. All while watching Lord of the Rings and Sense and Sensibility. (Hey, it was getting dark out and I was all. alone.)  Playing with glue and ribbon and buttons and pretty patterned paper has never been so fun.

I’m gonna go see how long I can stretch this remembered calm over my day…


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