Someone REALLY hates being outdone by her big sister.

I felt like I was stuck in some horrible sort of Mommy-time-warp. Yesterday I pulled up to daycare, walked in, and got That Look from the assistant director. Turns out – and this is where the deja vu comes in – that Bee’s earring was ripped out a few moments before while she was playing with some friends. Thankfully, not her earlobe wasn’t sliced like I originally thought. They recovered the earring, but the post itself had been bent and her ear was bleeding a little. Aside from an earring being pulled out, though, she was okay.

For those keeping score at home, that makes two children who have had earrings ripped out in the two weeks they’ve been in daycare this summer.

I didn’t know whether to be irritated with daycare (one might be rotten luck, but two?), myself for getting their ears pierced so young, or the girls for being so careless. Or the universe for, you know, piling on. Jury’s still out on that, by the way.

So I gather the girls, collect the evidence earring, and drive home, trying to decide whether I could straighten the earring and try it myself – again – or if I should just drive straight to the mall to have it redone. I really didn’t want to go to the mall. So, readers, I drove home. I got the post straightened out, soaked it in hydrogen peroxide, wiped it with alcohol wipes, poured antiseptic on her ear, and told Bee to be brave.

It didn’t work.

I can’t really blame Bee. I mean, she’s wiggly by nature, but I know part of the problem was that my own hands were shaking. Re-piercing Gracie’s ear was horrible. The feeling when the earring punched through the skin? Ougiushdgfshdjfnh. Un-fabulous. So perhaps hesitation on mama’s side was part of the problem. But I could not get the earring post to find the hole in the back of Bee’s ear lobe. I decided to go to the place in the mall – let them deal with it.

The girls put their shoes back on, Bee wiped away her tears, and just as we were heading to the door, Bee decided to try one last time. Miracle of miracles, I got the post close enough to the original hole that I just punched it through. Of course, Bee was sobbing, “Let’s go to the ma-a-a-all!!!” and I was traumatized almost as much, but I just filled Bee’s mouth with Hershey’s syrup and we both felt much better. [Kim, later, after laughing hysterically: “That’s the most Ya-Ya thing you’ve ever done!” Me: “You heard me say it was Hershey’s syrup and not bourbon, right?”] I was glad it was over, Bee was happy that she re-upped her certification in Being Brave, and Gracie was happy she didn’t have to wait to eat her dinner. And it was good.

Or so I thought.

Of course, this morning when I was cleaning the girls’ ears and spinning their earrings and Gracie’s ear is most definitely infected. You know – the one I had to re-pierce the week before last. It’s not red and swollen, but I will spare you any description of how much pus and crusties I cleaned off. The poor girl jumped a mile any time I touched her ear and do you know how often I had to do that in order to clean it? A lot. Then I applied half a tube of bacitracin and twirled it through the earring hole; hopefully we can clear up the infection without having to take out her post because  I am really not keen on starting over with this ear-piercing adventure.

Let’s hope Bee doesn’t try to follow in all of her sister’s footsteps, because I, for one, am done with fun little earring adventures.


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One Response to “Someone REALLY hates being outdone by her big sister.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I am not sure who to have more sympathy for you (piercing expert) or the girls (that is so painful). You are all three very brave and chocolate syrup fixes so much. Ya-ya indeed!

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