Together again.

<Kermit whistling>
Doo doo doo doo, da da da, doo da doo doo doo…
Together again
Gee, it’s good to be together again
I just can’t imagine that you’ve ever been gone
It’s not starting over, it’s just going on…

Hmm? Oh, where have I been? Well, it turns out my life is so much less bloggable when the girls are in Ohio. Or, well, really anywhere, not just specifically Ohio. But now they’re back! [From outer space! Ahem. Geez, what’s with the song lyrics today?] Yes, they’re back…and an entire day early, too. They literally showed up at my doorstep last night at 7:30, but luckily I was home and not yet asleep (thank you, stomach virus).

Together again, all three ladies of Casa de Katie – just as it should be. And just like that, we were all three of us cuddled on the couch reading right where we left Laura and Mary on the banks of Plum Creek; drawing invisible pictures on the girls’ backs until they couldn’t hold in the giggles; doing nice things in hopes of bribing Mom into letting them stay up a few extra minutes; taking forever to choose a book to read in bed; tripping over each other’s stories about the day; choosing not-really-matching-but-I-don’t-care outfits for daycare the next day; oohing and aahing over the new school shoes I left on their placemats to surprise them.

Well, and then there was tattling over whether so-and-so really brushed her teeth, snapping at the childrens for interrupting (what should have been) a very short chapter for the 111th time, and getting out of bed 99 times in a row. Not even an hour after they’d been home, it was like they never left. And shoot if that didn’t make me smile, just a little.

It’s not starting over, it’s just going on…


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One Response to “Together again.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    That is the way being a momma is. Happy to have them home and it is always just like they never left. 🙂

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