And more pieces…

Dinner was just as lovely as I’d hoped, with a minor few minute whine session that was quickly fixed with mommy cuddles. Oh if only everything was fixed with mommy cuddles. But I digress:

Cheeeeeesecake Factory. Gracie-girl and I both had grilled salmon with a garlic lemon butter sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, and I had green beans and sautéed spinach while she had…french fries. Meh – what are birthdays for? Miss Bee had mac and cheese – and then didn’t eat it, but did help herself to half my mashed potatoes and half of Gracie’s fries. Again – birthday peace is better than nutrition. Oh! And did I mention the fried calamari appetizer was half off? So we had that, too, and Gracie nearly speared my hand with my fork to ensure her share. Sheesh.

Not pictured here is the fact that Barnes and Noble was right next door. I know! BIRTHDAY MAGIC! So I helped myself to Divergent (which I just read) and the second in the series, Insurgent, which I have not. Gracie promised to stop me if I picked up anything she had wrapped. (Having older children so has its perks.) And after warning the children that they were not getting anything, I then bought Gracie an abridged copy of Little Women for her multi-day car trip coming up with her dad, and Bee picked out a few easy-readers. And then the very nice clerk, upon finding out that Gracie had just finished Call of the Wild,  told us that Jack London only wrote books when he ran out of money; he’d write another book, earn some money, and go back to his first love – prospecting for gold. A-maz-ing.

Then we went home and had cheesecake. Mine: kahlua chocolate coffee. Gracie’s: lemon raspberry. And Bee’s: 7-layer fudge cake, since she doesn’t like cheesecake.

I don’t think she minded.

And finally, after presents (yay bookstore gift cards from the girls and their dad and step-mom!, and library kit and more giftcards from Kimbe!), the sugar hit. At least that’s what I think happened.

Cheesecake zombie. Because cheesecake tastes better than brains. In real life.

Thanks for all of the well-wishes, everyone! I had a wonderful day!



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One Response to “And more pieces…”

  1. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Mmm katiiie 😦 your plates are square???!! I told you they had giant choco cake for bee :o)

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