Another few pieces…

I was just released from my favorite pedicure place and am now enjoying coffee and Baileys out of my favorite gallon-sized (almost) Starbucks coffee mug. It’s even red, because it loves me that much. I almost had to have someone drive me home after my pedi and massage because, hello, they almost relaxed me to a gibbering pile of goo.

Did I mention I was devouring Her Fearful Symmetry at the time? I’ll confess: I’ve been studiously avoiding Ms. Nifenegger, but one of my sisters insisted I read this and it ended up coming back from Connecticut with me. So I started it. And have been gulping down creepy, deliciously gothic, shades-of-Rebecca eyefulls ever since.

Then, while I was waiting for my pretty, pretty nails to dry and the massage high to fade enough for my senses to return, I received the loveliest birthday wishes from my cousin. When I got home, my baby sister and I laughed at how we had Freaky-Friday’ed our nails unknowingly (she painted hers my signature sun-goddess bronze and I went with purple). But, I told her, I suspect my purple nails are secretly part vampire – they sparkle in the sunshine. And while all that was going on, Kim texted me to book an appointment to tell me how awesome I am. Although she might take it back when she hears how I goofed by handing over the packages to her nieces to wrap. Oops.

So! To summarize: still a pretty awesome day. How will cheesecake ever top this?


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