A birthday celebration, in pieces.

I’ll be posting more pictures throughout the day, to show how all of the little indulgences are behind the pinging off the awsomeocity scale.

My first pic is technically from last night. Whatevs. Every year I pray for rain on my birthday. And usually, the weather gods smile upon me. Last year it was just a quick ten minute sprinkle when I woke up. Last night was a full on thunder-banger with flickering electricity and 70 mph straight-line winds. We didn’t lose our a/c (in the 107° heat), so I’ll take it. And say thank you.

After the girls woke me up right at 8 a.m. (someones were excited), I was hugged and happy-birthdayed to death (seriously – the screams near about pierced my eardrums), I was informed that I could open two presents at breakfast. Normally, I allow the girls to open one present at breakfast, but I guess they bent the rule so they could each pick one.

The tray is from Bee. That girl lurves to bring me breakfast in bed. Well. She isn’t allowed to really bring food into the bedroom, so she likes to get breakfast all ready on a tray and then wake me up and tell me to come eat it. Usually she has one of my ceramic dishes that is sectioned off into three areas. She’ll fill one with yogurt (regardless of the expiration date), one with a granola bar, and one with…well, whatever strikes her fancy. Last time it was goldfish crackers. Sometimes it’s a cheesestick. Once it was marshmallows. I, of course, ooh and ahh, and make a fuss over how sweet she is – and it is, really. But not being a morning person, I try to distract her and get rid of the evidence. Otherwise I have to eat it and ooof, on those days I really hope she has an enthusiastic daughter of her own.

So that is the tale of the tray. Kim helped the girls order presents online because the girls were freaking out a little (their dad helped them get a craft frame for me for Christmas and nothing for Mother’s Day and Gracie kept asking me what she should do). So when Bee announced she was buying me a breakfast tray, Kim tried to sway her in other directions. When that didn’t work, she helped Bee find a tray that I would love. And GOODNESS, do I!! I mean, have you see how gorgeous that thing is?! I know it was customized through Etsy, and of course it matches our patio set so I can have the girls fetch me iced lattes and cookies and such on days when I am reading. [Note to self: bring dollars with me to my lounge chair so they will think this is a fabulous idea.]

Then, after presents, I dropped the girls off at daycare and drove across the city and fought the tail-end of rush hour (I took the day off, huzzah!) so I could enjoy this:

That would be a large coffee with three creamers and one sugar, accompanied by a powdered lemon donut and a sugared jelly donut. The two most perfect donuts in the world. ::happysigh::


I know they’re lots more to come – massages, pedicures, book shopping, dinner and cheesecake, but I have to say: this has been an excellent start to Year 34.



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