Fiending for fall.

I don’t know what set it off: the oceans of school supplies displayed every where I turn, offers on new back-to-school shoes, the start of football and news from training camp, or maybe it was the nip in the air every morning from a well air-conditioned house, before the sun had time to roast us alive. Whatever it was, started dreaming about fall and cooler temperatures.

But mostly, it’s about the food.

I am craving fall foods: soups, meatloafs, and shepherd’s pie. I want apple bettye eaten while cuddling into yoga pants and socks. I want to griddle quesadillas and drink beer while watching the early Sunday game… I want it all so badly I can almost hear the swish of the crinkly leaves through my open window before I remember it’s the flat crunch of dead, sun-scorched grass. Hurrumph.

Fall – I am more than ready for it. Now someone please constantly remind me that a watched pot full of seasonal soup never boils and then come up with a distraction. Or twelve.


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One Response to “Fiending for fall.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I hear ya! Fall can’t get here soon enough, but at least we are waking to temps in the high 50s and low 60s.

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