What we did on our mini half-week vacation.

I convinced the girls to do this:

What you can barely see is (drum roll, please), pieced ears! I got the go-ahead from their dad, but didn’t think the girls would let me go for it. Wait – I take that back. I knew Bee would do anything Gracie said she didn’t want to do, but I didn’t think Gracie was going to commit herself. She’s been waffling whenever it’s come up (that girl is ruled by fear, sometimes), so I was rather surprised when I brought it up our first morning home and she said she was game. In fact, the girls had to play rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock to see who got to go first. (Yes, we DO play the geeked out version at my house; how awesome am I?) Bee won, so she went first. I was slightly afraid when the girls picked out their posts from a zillion choices – I thought I was going to have to veto the full carat cubic zirconia – but it turns out that my muchachas are very predictable: Bee chose Hello Kitty and Gracie chose peace signs. Thank. God.

So all is well at Casa de Katie. No one has lost an earring (or an ear) yet. No one has even complained about cleaning and twirling their earrings. And I get so many cool mom points.

Life is good.


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One Response to “What we did on our mini half-week vacation.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Sweet! Sounds like a drama free piercing – the best kind.

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