Things you need to make right this second: Grilled peaches.

You guys. Zohmygod, you guys. Grilled. Peaches. I may not ever make anything else on my grill – nothing else is worthy.

My sister sent me this lovely recipe for grilled peaches with bourbon vanilla whipped cream and I had to wipe the drool offa my chin, they sounded so good. It took me a few days to remember to buy the bourbon (because for some reason I only remembered when the childrens were with me. Hmph.) and then this weekend I picked up a half dozen peaches.

Only now I don’t know why I didn’t get a whole damn crate. Ahem.

First, you want to make the whipped cream. You’ll need:
1 cup heavy whipping cream
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon bourbon (the amounts of vanilla and bourbon are flexible – I think I’ll up this one next time.)

Using an electric mixer, whip the heavy cream until it starts to thicken. Then add the rest of the ingredients and continue whipping until it seems whipped creamy. Store the whipped cream in the fridge to cool while you grill you some peaches. And try not to moan out loud if you lick the whipped cream off the beaters. Just sayin’.

The whipped cream will be enough for about a half dozen peaches.

To prepare the peaches, slice each in half and remove the pit. I gently scraped the area where the pit had been to make sure the area was nice and smooth. But trust me – you’re not going to notice any imperfections once you raise the grilled peach to your lips.

Brush the open peach with olive oil and then put them face down on the grill. I grilled my peaches for about 10 minutes, but my grill tends to take a little longer than most recipes call for, so check your peaches after five minutes. The peaches will be a little squishy and the skin will slide easily when they’re done.

I couldn’t get grill marks to show no matter how many times I tried turning my peaches 45° to see if some angle would work better. Then I decided since they would be covered with tasty, tasty whipped cream, it didn’t matter. If you want, you can brush the peaches with melted butter and sprinkle with cinnamon. Then cover with your whipped cream.

Ta da! So my whipped cream didn’t look all professional. Either I didn’t whip it long enough or else the heat from the grilled peaches melted it. Pffft. It still tasted like heaven. And I’m not gonna lie – when Corrie didn’t answer her text, I ate every. single. peach half. Allbymyself. They’re THAT good.

In other words… Dear Metroplex, I’m very sorry about the peach shortage. I have, er, no idea why that is. Ahem. Love, me.



One Response to “Things you need to make right this second: Grilled peaches.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    They sound delicious. You should make them often until you perfect the whipped cream.

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