The (mostly) Unchanging Likes and Dislikes of Bee at 6 years old.

As I agonized – no, really – over a list of likes and dislikes for my Bee Girl, it hit me smack upside the head that a lot of the items on her list were the same as last year. I wondered if I was being lazy or maybe just seeing the little girl I wanted to see instead of who she really was. I tried to think of a few new entries for each tally sheet, but I realized Bee’s constant nature is just part of her. You could say she’s stubborn…or that she just really, really knows herself. I like that.

Ten Things Bee Really Likes. In Real Life.
1. Bouncing.
I really thought Bee was going to outgrow this whole bouncing phase, but it’s still her primary means of travel. Bee doesn’t walk. She rarely runs. She bounces. It’s like there’s so much Bee inside of her that she can’t quite stand still. Or maybe she’s just showing off all that grace that her mama and Gracie seem to be lacking…

2. Shoes. We all know it: Bee is already a great collector of shoes. During the room reorg, I donated two pair of black dress shoes and Bee still had THREE PAIR left. I’m not one to buy them a lot of clothes (they outgrow them so quickly) so I’m not sure exactly how she ever collected so many. With a grand total of two bins worth of shoes, you know it breaks her heart that she’s only allowed to wear sneakers to school.

3. Being mischievous and sneaky. Nothing lights up my heart quite like seeing that mischievous glint Bee gets in her eyes when she’s going to be sneeeeaky. Basically, it is my entire reason for being.

4. Snuffed animals, especially Bear. One of these days someone is going to correct Bee when she says “stuffed” as “snuffed” and she’ll stop speaking of her animal collection like they’re swimming with the fishes. And I will cry real tears. Sorta like the tears Bee cries if – heaven forbid – it is sleeping time and she can’t find Bear. He is her bestest friend in the whole world and she cannot sleep without him. In real life. Don’t even try to convince her otherwise because you will lose that battle. Every time.

5. Chocolate. Like, whoa. Bee not only loves chocolate possibly more than even I do, she loves that she is a chocolate lover. “No one loves chocolate like me and you, Mom! Right?” I will frequently hear. And she’s right – no one gets it quite like we addicts do.

6. Getting pretty. I am already worrying about the Armageddon that will be Bee’s tween- and teenage years: she already is in love with getting her hair all pretty with her “hairspray” (a water bottle), primping in the mirror, wearing wedges (her “heels”) and applying clear lip close. She even does a hair flip when she talks after she’s all done up – like she’s playing teenager instead of playing house.

7. Getting her back tickled. ZOMG this kid loves having her back tickled. Not the kind of tickling that makes her squeal with glee – although she loves that, too. What I mean is the kind that gives you goose bumps. Or, as Bee calls them, The Bumps. I think getting The Bumps is the only thing that will make Bee sit still for longer than 2 seconds. And don’t think about stopping once you start; Bee will make you tickle her back until your arm falls off…and then she’ll insist you use the other arm instead.

8. Whining. If there was one thing, one teeny, tiny thing, that I could change about my darling youngest daughter whom I love more than anything in this world, it would be to eradicate whatever thingymabob there is in her brain that makes her whine everything that comes out of her mouth. And anyone who does something that often must love it or else she wouldn’t risk her life quite as frequently as Bee does with all the whining.

9. Ketchup. Bee-girl doesn’t understand why I won’t let her eat ketchup with her fingers. Or a spoon. Or pour it from the bottle straight down her throat. Instead, when given a choice for meals, Bee picks the food that will mean the biggest ketchup puddle. And then try to sneak finger-fulls when I’m not looking.

10. Looking just like Ladybug Girl. Bee got this book for Christmas last year and has fallen in love with it. The younger sibling in the story can do anything, because she is Ladybug Girl! She has lots of adventures, an overactive imagination, and lots of confidence – just like a certain 6-year-old she greatly resembles. Bee thinks she’s the coolest thing going.


10 Things Bee-girl Does Not Love (and you can’t make her).

3. Disappointing mom. When Bee does something wrong – which isn’t all that often considering she’s six – my little one implodes upon herself. Her face crumples, her eyes empty, and she just sort of folds in on herself before gut-wrenching sobs take over. When she’s like that, there’s no talking her off the ledge. I’ve learned the best thing to do is wait for her to come out of hiding (literally), and then she’s willing to trade self-flagellation for talking it out.

4. Potatoes. Sometimes I’m quite sure this is a sign that a pod-person has taken over my daughter’s body. Bee lurved potatoes before. Baked with lots of butter. Mashed. Fried. Now she only wants rice or cauliflower as her side. Which would be fine, except sometimes I really want potatoes without having to fix a second side.

5. Being in the bottom bunk. Bee has been in the bottom bunk since we got the bunkbeds. This is out of necessity, because I am not changing the top bunk every time Bee has an accident during the night. What Bee hears is “Blah-bity blah blah blah. Only Gracie can have cool things like the top bunk.” Bee’s been accident-free since summer started, so I told her she could upgrade when the new school year starts if she keeps it up.

6. Getting up early on school days…and sleeping late on weekends. This is a giant case of I can’t win for losing. For all the kicking and whining and crying Bee does when I wake her up early on school days, she only sleeps a whopping 15 minutes later on the weekends when she can sleep in. I swear she does it just to drive me bonkers.

7. Cleaning. Although recently she’s let up on the absolute hatred she bears for cleaning up after she’s finished playing (thanks to giving me a tour of the cleaned space), Bee is NOT a fan of cleaning. She hates that I’ve busted her scheming where she dawdles until her sister takes care of most of it. Instead, I give them each an area to focus on. That way Bee has to clean. Oh the things moms do to teach kiddos how to be functioning members of society. Now it goes one of two ways – every once in awhile, Bee gets all enthusiastic with the cleaning so she can show me how awesome she is; or, she will be suddenlyvery tired, have sore feet, legs that don’t work, a splitting headache and/or she will tell me to go ahead and throw the toys away – she’d rather that than pick them up. God I love when it’s the former.

8. Practicing reading. As much as Bee looked forward to learning how to read, she’s really not all that interested in practicing the mechanics. She doesn’t want to remember what that sight word is, she doesn’t want to sound it out. Now that she knows that shecando it, she prefers not to.

9. Not getting to eat ketchup with a spoon. See Likes, #9.

10. Gracie’s music. I will say, Bee has particularly superior taste of the two of them. Gracie likes One Direction, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift. Bee does NOT. Too bad I can’t play favorites because Bee would win every time.

And that, Bee girl, is what you are like at 6-going-on-16. I’m sure as soon as I send this out to the blogosphere, I will think of a million little quirks particular to just you, at just now. There’s just no way a person as dazzling and dynamic could be captured quite so easily!


One Response to “The (mostly) Unchanging Likes and Dislikes of Bee at 6 years old.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I love your birthday lists for the girls. I have a great chocolate recipe for Bee – super easy, she can make it with help. I am with her on the potatoe thing – they feel funny when you cook them.

    Also, what happened to 1 & 2 on the dislikes?

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