The big reveal.

After two weeks of painting, picking up items here and there, and running all over the metroplex for one more thing, Kim and I finally finished the girls’ room. We planned the big reveal for Wednesday morning so Auntie Kim could see their little faces when they saw their room. (They knew we were working on it, had picked out colors, etc., but hadn’t seen half the furniture or accessories.)

Ta da! How gorgeous is THAT?! Doesn’t it have a grown-up feel that can be all sophisticated kid-rock now, and grow with the girls into tweenagerdom? Heck, I’d use those colors in MY room! This pic was shot from the door, which is in the corner of the room. You can see on the right the cubbies we built (that is conveniently also the right height for a second desk surface). The duvet covers on the bed we got at IKEA for $30 each (full/queen, included two pillow cases). The rug on the floor was from IKEA, too. TWENTY dollars. Blew my mind. I lurve how it brings all the colors together instead and grounds the rest of the room.

To the right of the bed, under the window, is the girls’ desk area. Gracie, in particular wanted a desk; I think she wanted to feel grown-uppish while she did her homework. I used to have a shelf and toy bins along the wall coming out from the window, but this looks so, so much better. I can’t believe Kim found a desk that would fit in that tiny space. IKEA, $20. The chair was $20, too. At that price, I didn’t care if the girls whined that it didn’t have drawers, or even if it only lasts one year. We put three sturdy turquoise bins under the bed at the desk end for them to store their desk clutter, and there’s a recessed space for pencil holders at the desk.

We didn’t find a curtain that worked, but I kinda like the accessibility of the blind and the clean lines around the desk area. It might be too bright in the mornings for them to sleep in without a curtain, but let’s face it – those girls weren’t sleeping in anyway. (Hurrumph.) The more important downside might be that the room is easily 10° warmer without a heavy curtain to insulate from the brutal afternoon and evening sun. I’ll keep an eye on that – and an eye out for curtains (Ohhhh Etsy…where are youuuu?), and see how that plays out.

Here’s a better picture of the wall to the left as you come in, where the cubbies are.  Kim and I looked ALL OVER THE CITY for more of those chevron bins. Of course there was only one in all of the Targets anywhere. Le sigh. The bottom bins are much sturdier, and so those are for shoes. Yes, my girls are such shoe whores already that they need two bins each. Bee would fill all four if I let her. The purple fabric bins are for pajamas (since we eliminated the nightstand and its two drawers we were using for that purpose) and two drawers for toys. (There are more under-the-bed storage bins for toys, and clear steralite containers with turquoise lids for the closet.) The cubbies also hold the lamp Gracie found that served as the centerpiece we based our design off of, the alarm clock (which is now Bee’s responsibility – that’s her favorite part of the redo), and the girls’ CD player. Those CD boxes to the left? Kim found those on clearance at Walmart for FOUR dollars. And they came with two other large bins, too. How can you beat that?! The cubbies themselves were on $70 at IKEA, making them the most expensive piece in the makeover. Oh! And the shelves staggered on the wall? Those have been there since we built the nursery. Now they hold the Mardi Gras masks that Kim picked up at a conference in New Orleans (how much do I love that the colors match our new scheme?! Quite by accident, too.), and a shelf with three glitzy 2×3″ frames. We’re planning on getting wooden letters with their first initials and letting them bling them out; those will go on the same shelf as their masks.

On the wall opposite the cubbies (and to the right of the beds), is Bee’s bureau, the doll’s bunkbeds, and the laundry basket. This is the wall we painted Elephant Skin and I love, love, love how it turned out! Especially with the mirrors Kim picked up at Target ($20) to continue the circles theme from the duvet covers.

You can just see this corner over the desk in the first picture. Kim put up a small white board she picked up at Walmart and some circular cork coasters board that we got for $3 at IKEA. How much do you love Auntie Kim’s message: “Study hard, dream big, and STAY IN BED!” I thought the white board would be Gracie’s favorite part of the redo, but Kim pegged her better – it was the entire desk area.

You can barely see Gracie and Bee’s new throw pillows for all their stuffed animals, but they were one of my favorite things to pick out. I love that Gracie’s are a bit more sophisticated and glam, while Bee’s are more fun, funky, and playful – just like their cute little personalities.

One last pic. I wish you could have seen their faces when they walked in the room. The girls were soooo thrilled and appreciative of all the work we put in and the “fousands of dollars!” we spent on it. It warmed my heart and made it all worth it. Every single last bruise and each hard-earned dollar spent.

Enjoy, my girlies! Just make sure you keep it clean!


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3 Responses to “The big reveal.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I love their room – In Real Life!! You and Kim are very talented, have great taste and should have some happy girls. My Emma would be so jealous!

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    greeeeey and purple! bwaahahaha! it bugs me that only one bottom cubby basket its squaggled. did they only have one left? kim is usually more symmetrical with everything…even chewing =0]

  3. Mrs. E Says:

    Love it!! I have been following–but for some reason, I can’t comment from my phone! argh! I want that purple ceiling! This is just awesome!
    PS. The book you were talking about was just reviewed on a morning news show! I’m going to have to find it!

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