Operation Renovation: The girls’ room.

I think I’ve mentioned a time or ten thousand that Kim has a crazymad love for HGTV and all things home renovation. Which is unfortunate for her, because she rents her duplex. But is wicked fortunate for me because I have a house and no eye for that sorta thing. Which means when Kim comes to visit for any period of time longer than one week, she attacks with fervor some obstacle standing between me and a perfectly stylish house.

This month we had planned on creating a secret garden for the kiddos, add a patio for me, and maybe do the girls’ room, which was in desperate need of some updates.

I picked out colors for what became the kids’ room back when I was expecting Gracie, only I didn’t know she was a Gracie at the time. I had to go with neutral colors – and I was planning on the yellow for the walls being more of a tawny yellowish-brown. Lion’s mane, I believe it was called. Problem was, the Ex couldn’t get the sponge technique to add the glaze over the more yellowish base, and I was too hormonal and convinced I could never parent a person if I couldn’t even pick paint colors to insist on a redo. Ergo, yellowish-beige walls, green curtains, and mismatched decor.

When quizzed down by their fairy godmother on what kind of room they would like, Gracie and Bee quickly answered “Glam Rock.” Happily, the girls went with a funky purple instead of hot, neon pink, and Auntie Kim picked some shades to model on the walls.

After a brilliant argument for a purple ceiling, one dark grey wall, and three lighter grey walls (maybe I do know what I’m doing!), we got to work:

Look how pretty the ceiling looks! The color just popped, like ka-pow!, especially once we realized we only needed one coat. I swear that was the prettiest thing about it. The funky purple tester on the wall? That was streaky as hell. Which was a problem because Kim can’t get past the second step on the ladder…maybe the third step if her bum is in contact with a wall at all times and she’s holding the paintbrush between her teeth. So I was thrilled when I found out I only had to paint that silly ceiling only once. Being only 5′ tall, straddling the top of the ladder and  gripping it hard enough to leave bruises on the sides of your calves while you stretch as high as you can – yeah, that’s about as much fun as it sounds.

‘A course, being that close to the paint fumes for that long, that late at night makes one a bit punchy. Especially after a day of running to IKEA, Target, Home Depot, Joann’s, and the Antique Mall. (We are home renovation badasses, yo.) I was doing a bang-up job on the ceiling, until one wrong flick of the wrist, or maybe I just forgot to keep rolling, and WHA-BAM! Big purple splotch on the wall. I can’t remember what inventive curse I yelled – we had an impressive stretch of not using the same curse twice – but then Kim reminded me we had to paint the walls anyway, and then I got the giggles. In real life. Every time I looked at that purple paint splotch, I laughed so hard, I was screaming, so hard I was afraid I was going to pee my pants – and I didn’t even have to pee! I have no idea why it was hilarious. Paint fumes, obviously.

Kim felt so bad that she made me crazy with all the ladder work that she volunteered for almost everything else. Or maybe she just wanted to brag that she could reach the top of the short walls just by standing on a chair.




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One Response to “Operation Renovation: The girls’ room.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to see the final product.

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