Happy birthday, to my beautiful, bouncy Bee!

Dear Bee,

Happy birthday, Bee! To tell the truth, your birthday was on Saturday, so I’m a few days late posting your birthday letter. I should feel badly about that – and don’t worry, there’s no shortage of mommy guilt here – but, truthfully, you thought you turned six lastSunday when I had your swim party and no amount of explaining during the past week has been able to convince you otherwise. So, hurrah! SIX! And even though you informed us, mock gravely, that you don’t have parties, you have birthdays, I hope you had fun with your dad and your aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins.

I don’t have to worry too much about whether you had fun, because if there’s one thing you know how to do, baby girl, is have fun. You can party and carry on and engage your goofy, mischievous, sparkly superpower like no other. You are fun and funky and it makes me laugh to see you jump and bounce and hop everywhere still – no matter how old you are or how big you grow, bouncing is still your default. Of course, if don’t wanna have fun, ain’t nobody gonna make you – Auntie Kim put it best this summer when she said you were awfully mercurial. If you are in a mood, look out! There is no in between for you and even I can’t out-stubborn you.

Thank goodness you have grown in both body (great scott, woman, you should see the legs you’ve grown this year! You’re practically gangly!) and temperament: you’re mature enough that I don’t have to deal with Pouty Bee nearly as often as I did when you were five. Your yearning desire to be posh and grown-up and fancypants means that you will try to laugh things off or come up with a solution on your own, trying to earn recognition as a Big Kid.

You’re getting there, kiddo. You learned to read, slowly but steadily this past year. Every day you would come home from school and tearfully declare that you didn’t learn to read that day. You grew from a fit-pitching homework terror to a clever sprite who came home from daycare with a week’s worth of homework done. Schoolwork might not come naturally to you, but you have the grit and determination to fight for each and every victory. And, my gosh, Bee, the light and happiness in your eyes when you are victorious…it could light the world!

Six is going to be a good year for us, Bee-girl. I know it deep in my mama-heart. A year of imaginative play, of sneakery and cleverness (god help me!)(but I secretly love it, and that is the truth), of building even more confidence and growing even taller and skinnier and smarter and bouncier. Mamas know things and I know that this is your year, my beautiful Bee. I don’t have to tell you to run out to it, grab it, and squeeze every tiniest bit out of it because that is how you attack everything. It’s one of the billions of things I love best about you, baby girl.

To tell the truth: it’s how you inspire me each and every day to go out and attack my day; if I can manage even a fraction of the joy and gusto and guts that you wield, amazingness will happen. I’m so lucky, Bee. So lucky to have you.

Happy birthday, sweetheart!



One Response to “Happy birthday, to my beautiful, bouncy Bee!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Happy Birthday Bee! I do hope it was wonderful no matter what day your actual birthday was. 🙂

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