Tales from Vacationland: The best. breakfast. ever.

Sometimes, not very often, but sometimes as a thing is happening you just know it’s one of those moments you’ll remember and talk about for years to come.

Mom! Mom, remember that time you let us have ICE CREAM SUNDAES for BREAKFAST?!

Oh yes I do. I did. Great big, fat, calories laden, chocolate sauce dripping, whipped cream topped, jimmie-sprinkled ice cream sundaes.

Or, at least I heard that’s what they were – I was too busy eating the best Belgian waffle I have ever had in my life. Nom, nom, nom. The kind that was so good I would have shoved away any little childrens that got between me and it. Oh, it was so good. For days afterwards, Kim or Rhi would moan happily and say, “Hey, remember those Belgian waffles? I miss them.” In real life.

Belgian Waffles and Ice Cream Sundaes might have to be a new beach tradition – even when it’s not pouring out. We discovered Kellerman’s Kellerhaus (whoops, one too many recent viewings of Dirty Dancing befuddled my mind for a moment) had a Belgian Waffle buffet breakfast – something we had never tried before. We had been for make-your-own sundaes before – and had decided we might do ice cream at some point – but found out about the waffles only as we were shopping for knick-knacks and Christmas ornaments and gourmet candy the night before. The sweet woman who was running the cashier told us that the ice cream bar opened the same time their waffle chef started, if we wanted to indulge…

Gods, I love the Vacation Of Yes.

And that is how we came to be staring down the tastiest breakfasts mankind has ever known. A delightful chef who was two-thirds reminiscent of Dick van Dyke and one-third tall-tale spinning New Englander whipped up the fluffy, fluffy waffles and set the girls up with ice cream while the grown-ups drooled over the toppings. The waffle was bigger than your average dinner plate, so I did half maple syrup, one-quarter blueberry, and one-quarter blueberry AND raspberry. (Hey – it;s vacation.)

The girls lurvvvved their ice cream, but it was the three of us girls who were licking our plates. There may or may not be paper chains started for when we can go back for more of them. In real life.

And that is how you do breakfast on vacation.


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3 Responses to “Tales from Vacationland: The best. breakfast. ever.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Ohhhh. I want them for dinner now!

  2. Kathy Says:

    Yumm!! That is what vacation is about. I noticed that several of my Girl Scouts were eating cake for breakfast while we were in KY. All I could say was, probably not while you are home, but here that is just fine. 🙂

  3. Agent Torklepants Says:

    WHY DID YOU HAVE WRITE ABOUT THEM?!!! ugh i was sooooo close to not drooling in remembrance everyday over them. you’re meeeaan.

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