Tales from Vacationland: Who needs sun when you have arcades?

We had grand plans for our trip to New Hampshire – grand plans that involved theme parks and lots of driving and necessitated sunshine. Lots of sunshine. Instead we had rain. Lots and lots of rain. Pffft. Who needs sunshine when you have arcades? Or, as Bee would ask, arcaves?

What’s a great reward for spending an hour in the car, sitting nicely during breakfast, and then spending another two hours in the car? Staying for two hours at the arcaves, that’s what. And boy did I learn a lot about my kiddos.

I learned that no matter how old they get or whether they’ve been spoiled by the taste of real, grown-up bumper cars, Bee and Gracie will head straight for the kiddie bumper cars every time.

I learned that at some point during the last year, Gracie outgrew “baby” rides…and it only took one ride for her to figure it out, too. (Sniffle. How quickly they grow up!)

But that was okay with Gracie, because she also figured out – rather quickly – that she had grown into skee ball. In real life – that girlchild is a skee ball fiend! In fact, both Gracie and Bee devoured entire games of skee ball – and frequently beat both me and Auntie Rhi. And this year it wasn’t because we were dodging (ahem) mis-thrown skee balls!

I learned that Gracie is going to be a terribly fast driver, but she will cross the finish line first and in one piece.

And while Gracie will be appointed automatic get-away car driver, Bee will be in the back, shooting ALLLLL THE THINGS!!!! Like giant spiders and angry mutated bees and such. (That kid is unnaturally bloodthirsty for a 5-year-old. All I’m sayin’.)

In between all the learning and growing and personality reveals, we played arcade baseball, Bee and I won the land-the-bowling-ball-in-the-divet game (only took me 27 years longer than her. Sheesh.), umpteen rounds of the reflex rocket ship game, nearly broke the whack-a-gator, and oh! have I mentioned skee ball?

The sunshine maybe didn’t want to cooperate, but letting your very well-behaved children enjoy a no-holds barred afternoon (or two) at an arcade? Who can complain about that?!


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One Response to “Tales from Vacationland: Who needs sun when you have arcades?”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Sounds like you had a ton of fun, even if it wasn’t what you had originally planned.

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