Sure, let’s add bobcats. Why not?

Last week, just long enough after our victorious return to Casa de Katie (and my kingdoms thereof) that I had fully debriefed my friend Corrie and told her, amongst other things, silly stories about deer calls, Corrie dashed off on a quick business trip to – where else? – the back woods of Connecticut. And so, just as I was writing to you about our deer-related adventures, I received this text message from my partner in crime:

Corrie: Keep seeing deer crossing signs and thinking about your [really, she meant Rhi’s] crazy deer mating call.

Me: Ha! Lots of the deer crossing signs in Kim’sTinyTown have snowflakes or Rudolph noses of them.

Corrie: Now I feel a little gypped. No Rudolphs for me.

Me: Make one! Grab from red duct tape, cut a circle and slap it on! <Secretly thinking about the revolution we could start.>

Corrie: That would take effort: find red duct tape, scissors… I’d have to off-road in heels. It would be my luck I’d be mauled by a wild chipmunk.

Me: Or the bobcat Kim saw last week. But what a great blog post it would make for me!

[In real life. The bobcat came out of the wicked long grass in a field near her house that Iswearlooks like the long grass the raptors infested in Jurassic Park 2.]

Corrie: I can see it now… “My friend was killed in a vicious bobcat attack while attempting (in heels and business dress) to attach a red nose to a CT highway deer crossing sign. What a doofus!”

Me: I was thinking more of a highly amusing pic of you clinging to the top of the sign, reindeer nose hilariously affixed to your forehead, while you awaited rescue and the kitty waited below.

Corrie: That would be pretty funny!! You’re giving me too much credit, though – you really think I could climb up a road sign???

Me: While facing a bobcat? Yes, indeedy. The problem would be teaching it to take the picture.

Corrie: I can see how that might be tricky.


We’re something else, aren’t we? I’d like to reassure you all that not only did the two of us survive wit and humor before 7:30 a.m., but Corrie also survived the backwoods of Connecticut with nary a scratch on her (or her heels). I even dragged her and the fam to have Irish Nachos yesterday just to be sure. Sorry, bobcats – maybe you could put all that DSLR practice to use next time?


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One Response to “Sure, let’s add bobcats. Why not?”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Love it!

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