Operation: Reintegration

Weeeee’re baaaaack!

I am of two minds about this. Well, many more than two, but let’s start with that. I’m glad to be back in my own bed (although Kim’s was just as comfy, I don’t have to listen to littl’uns toss and turn all night when I sleep at my house), I’m glad to have more than one bathroom so there are no bathroom races when you get home (grand champion right here, ladies and gents), and I’m glad that it not raining. At the moment. Because it’s supposed to rain the nexttwodays.

I am glad, too, to be away from the stress of seeing what my house has become and just how deteriorated my sick, aging parents are now. It’s horrible and I’m a wicked child bound for hell, but it’s true.

On the other hand, being home means endless – ENDLESS! – laundry and reminding the tiny humans that Auntie Kim and I no longer exist solely to entertain them (god I miss Auntie Rhi) and a return to all things normal. People – we have to cook dinner tonight. Like – actually cook. And tomorrow I have to return to work. I am so scared to even think about the status of my inbox.

We didn’t even get to sleep in this morning! Gracie started Smart Kid Camp at 8 o’clock this morning. She was invited to participate in a school-sponsored Dare to Discover summer camp for the advanced students. The middle school is relatively nearby, and since Auntie Kim is around for pick-ups mid-day, I was able to say YES! to something even when Dad refused to split the cost of the classes. Two classes are held each morning. Gracie was hoping for either Colonial Times or Math Magicians for her first class, but was assigned to Protecting Our Planet instead. Her second class is Show Tunes, so we’ll get to enjoy a musical at the end of the two weeks.

So! We’re back! We’ve hit the ground running! Now I just need to unpack the caffeine…


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