Tales from Vacationland: Sometimes getting there is half the battle.

I shouldn’t complain. In fact, I’m not complaining. I refuse to characterize this post as a rant. It’s just…an explanation of how things just sometimes go.

I knew when I booked the tickets that the weather in Tejas would be dicey – the first week of June is notorious for being a little stormy. But if I had to pick the time of day when we are least likely to get storms, it would be early morning. Guess what it was doing the entire week before we left? Yep – storming. In the early hours of the morning. Right when we were supposed to leave. So after getting next to no sleep all night because of the storms, and managing to make myself get up at the ungodly hour of what-the-heck four o’clock in the morning, I then had to decide whether to highway our way to the airport (normally much quicker) or backroad it. I opted for the highway, despite the construction and lane shifts, and general unfamiliarity with the new layout.


I got just a few miles down the highway when I accidentally exited because I couldn’t see to tell what lane I was in. I then spent another 15 minutes doubling back to close to where we started and ended up taking the back roads anyway. It was still pouring so hard that I couldn’t see the roads, but since I drive that way every day for work, I knew where I was going. Big help, knowing how to stay in one’s lane. See? We made it in one piece so this is totally not a complaint.

We made it to the airport only slightly late and slightly damp, and still with it enough to call foul when the airline tried to reassign us to the back of the aircraft. Um, hello moto – I booked seats forward of the wing so I wouldn’t throw up all over the other passengers. I know exactly what I need to do to help prevent forest fires air sickness. Thankfully the very nice agent gave us even better seats than we originally had when I explained my mad genius. She didn’t look at me like I was crazy, for the win!

Of course, with the way everything was working out to our advantage, the airport decided to close for two hours because of the wretched lightning and rain going on outside. The ramps were closed, the runways were closed, alllll the things were closed. And it doesn’t take very long for two little girls to scarf down donuts (the breakfast of vacation champions everywhere). So of course they got antsy. I didn’t want them pulling out half of the activities I brought for them because I am mean like that. And also because we were going minute to minute on boarding – I had no idea when we’d have to pull ourselves together. And I wouldn’t let them play very much on their Kindle because I had no idea how long the batteries would hold out. (Spoiler: that Kindle lasted through an hour’s delay before the flight, the entire 3 1/2 hour flight, the hour back to Grandma’s house, and an hour to Auntie Kim’s house. If you have childrens in the middle childhood and you will be travelling, you should buy a Kindle. Seri for rilly.)

After we finally boarded the plane – which I am not complaining about because I really don’t want to try to take off in all of that turbulence – I took a nice, shiny, pretty valium to help me through the bumpity-bumps and the kids settled down to snacking and watching a movie on their Kindle. I napped and the kids…continuned snacking and playing on the Kindle. One time I dozed off only to find they had switched places with each other. Yeah, I realize how boring that sounds to the non-parentals, but the point is – there was NO ARGUING! No fussing. No fidgeting. What a difference a year makes – the most I had to remind Miss Bee about was not to use the seat in front of her to push herself back up into a sitting position. It was delightful.

And guess what it was doing in Boston when we landed? Raining. Which I am not complaining about because it was not snow. Even though it was practically cold enough – lows in the 40s, highs in the 50s all week. Glad I packed those shorts. That stupid rain and cold has ruined our plans all week.

The rearranging of plans started on Day 1 – we had to shorten our stop at Grandma’s house because we were late. We stayed for about an hour before we jetted off again so Auntie Kim could go teach. After our quick getaway, we splurged for dinner at the Vernon Diner (yum) and I got to have my first clam strips of the week. Woohoo!

So see – no complaining. At all. We made it in one piece. We saw people. We ate delicious food and snuggled in thick, warm, bundle-y clothes. That’s EXACTLY how that went down. For real.



One Response to “Tales from Vacationland: Sometimes getting there is half the battle.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Glad the girls didn’t argue on the plane. As a parent I know that is SUPER exciting.

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