Five more lunches…

The end of the school year is in sight. In fact, it’s so close, I can practically taste the freedom! Just five more lunches to pack. THANK GOD. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve stopped caring how many lunchables I throw into my grocery cart. I just need to “get ‘er done” as my boss would say. The same time my 2nd grader is getting lectures from her teacher about finishing the year strong and sucking up just enough energy to write legibly and put actual spaces between words, her mama is sitting the corner drooling over the idea of having to pack lunches again. Silly children – I just fed them this morning.

At least I know Gracie and I aren’t the only ones struggling. I think we’re all there.

Bee has woken up crying every morning because she wants to stay home from school. I’ve tried counting off the school days left. (“Look! Only this many! I can hold them all on TWO HANDS!”) Counting down the number of sleeps left. (Mmm….sleep.) I’ve even resorted to bribing her to get through the day. (“Stay in school all day – without going to the nurse and trying to come home – and we’ll do something special tonight.”) I can’t help it – neither one of us has the energy left to be the student OR the mommy.

The teachers are exhausted, too. No one activated their common sense superpowers yesterday during recess when the bulldozers were clearing trees right night to the playground. No one thought: Oh, hey, something unplanned and unsafe might happen, somewhat endangering the children.” And guess what happened? No, a tree didn’t fall on the children. But there was a bees’ nest in one of the trees. Guess Gracie isn’t allergic to bees like I am! Ha. Ha ha. Heh. She and another kid in her class were stung before the teachers hurriedly gathered all the kids back into the classroom. Gracie and her friend had to stay in the nurse’s station for an hour to make sure they didn’t have an allergic reaction.

And I know the nurse is exhausted (or maybe just tired of calling me in particular) because I didn’t even get a note about the incident. You might think bee sting, schmee sting, but I get notes and calls from the nurse more often than I did my friends in junior high. That’s a lot of love notes. Er, um, incident reports. Instead, the nurse just slapped a fabric band-aid on Gracie’s arm and called it good. Gracie then managed to get her entire class to sign it with teeeeeeny tiny little signatures. Because it was her bee cast. I kid you not.

Five more lunches. Eight more sleeps. I can do this. Right?


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2 Responses to “Five more lunches…”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I am so jealous! My kids aren’t done with school until June 14th. And we are counting down 2 more field trips, 5 more huge projects and one more orchestra concert.

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    “Dont let the BEE sting! Don’t let the BEE sting!…weeekieweeekiewaaah” =0] I’m glad she survived

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