An exciting addition to Casa de Katie…

This sounds like the kind of thing you announce at the beginning of the week, but I just can’t help myself – it’s ready today and besides, good things and Fridays just go together. So I’d like to tell you a little of what I’ve been working on in my free time… a book blog.

Reading and books and libraries and all those lovable (and loathsome) characters have become so much more a part of my identity this year that I began spending more and more of my time reading. …And thinking about reading. …And writing about reading. A tiny idea of starting a book blog was planted way far back in a part of my brain I don’t use very much, where it promptly grew and refused to be forgotten. Next I knew, I had picked out a blog design. And pestered all of my pretty and brilliant friends for feedback on titles. And then beat them with giant sticks and fuzzy lollipops until they peeked at what I had come up with. And somehow tricked my sister into taking pictures of books in our alma mater’s library.

It’s been so fun building this little corner of my imagination and I have so many plans for what I want to add next. I do hope you’ll come visit and share all of your ideas…

 Stacked: A life surrounded by books


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