One of those ‘How did my mom do it?’ moments.

Last week we faced down yet another milestone here at Casa de Katie, although I’m not quite sure I’d say we quite conquered it. In fact, I’m not sure I want to repeat it again anytime soon, but I’m sure that’s just me. Either that, or my mom had nerves of steel, and we know that ain’t true.

It was Wednesday night, the night before Corrie’s surgery. I needed to run across the street to give her some money for the jewelry I’d bought from her. [Hey: no judging. As I told my boss who was giving me a hard time for breaking the budget, I was shopping for cancer. Er, well, 25% of the proceeds from the jewelry sale went towards Corrie’s team’s fundraising for their 3-day walk. So shoosh.] She needed to close the sale before her surgery and I owed her a goodish chunk o’ change. That and cracking jokes at her expense before she left for surgery the next morning – it had to happen. It’s how you show you care, people.

Only one problem: as soon as we got home, Gracie started complaining about her tummy and then she started hurling. I knew she didn’t feel good – she looked pathetic. Either it was a nasty stomach bug, or else her allergies had left her a sniffling mess. Sniffles don’t sit well on tummies, you know. But if it was a stomach bug, I probably shouldn’t bring that mess anywhere near a pre-op patient. Hurling post-surgery=lifelong hatred of massive proportions. What to do?

In the end, I talked myself into it: Gracie was 8, she’s mature for her age, and I had been doing it for ages by the time I was in 2nd grade – she was going to have to stay home by herself while I ran across the street. The thought alone gave me goosebumps down to my toes, but I knew – pathetic pallor aside – Gracie would be fine. I’d only be across the street. I wouldn’t be gone long. I’d have her partner-in-crime sister with me, so she wouldn’t be tempted to get into something she shouldn’t be doing. There was homework to focus on. And I wasn’t kidding when I said I had done it – and a whole bunch more – by the time I was her age. I stayed home alone while my mom stood with the kids at the bus stop – at the top of the street. I had walked with my cousin to get pizza next door. My mom had even let me and my cousin walk to the grocery store a block away. And I’d never set the house on fire or gotten kidnapped! She’d be fine!

I, however, was a nervous wreck.

I only stayed at Corrie’s for about ten minutes – there’s no such thing as ‘just dropping something off’ when me and Corrie orher husband John in the same room. No one gasped with shock when I mentioned Gracie was home alone with her puke bucket. (In fact, I got raucous laughter when I sang my Big Bang parody: Gracie plays her bucket bongos while she does her homework.] And best of all, when Bee and I arrived home, everyone and everything was still in one piece. Although I did get a rather whiney and pathetic rendition of “You were gone a long tiiiiime!” from The Sick One.

Still, success aside, I don’t know that I’ll be doing that again any time soon. Gracie was unphased, but my nerves might need a year or two to calm down before we try another attempt.


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One Response to “One of those ‘How did my mom do it?’ moments.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Oh, you are such a brave mommy! I remember the first time I had to leave the kids – freaked me right out. Now that I am a pro I don’t worry nearly as much.

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