It’s really hard keeping the awesome a secret.

It’s all Megan’s fault, really, if there’s fault to be laid down. I don’t see how one could see it that way; I myself prefer the term accolades, but hey. The point is Megan was the person who got The Awesome started with a simple question of whether I owned a portable DVD player.

It turns out, I do own a portable DVD player. We have one of those indestructible Fisher Price kind that absolutely does not break, no matter how many times you drop it or how much your toddler “loves” on it. Trust me. I bought it for my first solo cross-county plane ride with the girls, post-separation, and it’s been a game-day champ ever since. I would highly recommend it to parents of enthusiastic wee ones.

The thing, though, Megan was saying, was that she was toying between a portable DVD player like that one, or a Kindle Fire. Turns out you can stream movies and TV shows for free over the wifi if you’re an Amazon Prime member (I am) or download up to 10 movies for your kids to watch when you’re offline. Like, say, during a four-hour plane ride. If you had one coming up. Ahem.

The gears started turning, people. I am not a fan of e-readers – I want to hold my book in my hand and show off alllll the books in my house. Books have souls. E-stories do not. They are the robotic cogs and bolts to the flesh and blood of books. Still – movies, apps, and books for the girls while on a plane?

I tucked the budding plan into the back of my brain and started plying BurghBaby with questions. I knew she had purchased one for her 6-year-old recently and she’d give it to me straight if there were any downsides. Her response? Buyitbuyitbuyit!! (Except perhaps without the exclamation points. She’s a punctuation conservationist.) Alexis loved it; it was an unparalleled success and worthy every stinkin’ penny. How can you argue with such an enthusiastic review?

I reported all of my research back to Megan…and started coveting one myself. A Kindle Fire would be so much easier to pack for the plane: it was slimmer and needed far fewer accessories compared to the bulk and the neediness of the DVD player (and the DVDs we’d have to bring). But there was no denying it was a want, not a need. At $200 – close to $300 if you considered the price of the accessories – I couldn’t afford one before vacation. Maybe if I saved up my credit card points I could get one for the girls for Christmas.

And then my mid-week miracle happened: Mir posted over at Want Not that Amazon’s Gold Box item was refurbished Fires. For $139. I ran out to tell Megan and then I scooped one up for myself. Did I mention I already had $100 in credit card points? That’s right, baby – I got a Kindle Fire for $40 out of pocket. And an accessory pack from ebay  (including a cover, car charger, extra wall charger, and two screen protectors) for $25. I am the master!

I’m not telling the girls about their surprise until we’re ready to start vacation; I figure that gives me a month to play with it until the girls claim it as their own. It’s so hard being the awesome mom. Heh.



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One Response to “It’s really hard keeping the awesome a secret.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Sweet! They will love it and I bet you will eventually read a book on it.

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