I’m not an addict til I admit there’s a problem.

I kind of had a rather impulsive weekend. Oh, nothing too impulsive. Those who hear the story and then see what I actually did? They laugh at me. They’re all oh LOOK out! Crazy mama is on the LOOSE! Well, whatever. It was crazy and impulsive (except not really) for a single, goody-two-shoes mama on a tight budget.

I went and bought some new toys.

I first went off the track at Kohl’s. I have been trying to find a bathing suit for Gracie as part of her birthday present from Grandpa and Grandma. There must be an insane run on bathing suits in Girls’ size medium because I haven’t found anything anywhere. Sure, Target had some atrociously hideous one-piecers or some not-bad two-piecers – but ain’t no way I’m putting my eight-year-old in a two-piecer. A halter – fine. But a top with two itty-bitty triangles of fabric? Um, no. There’s no need at her age. So after finding nothing at Target, Walmart, and Old Navy, and refusing to pay more than I did for my suit on the cute ones I found at Children’s Place and Old Navy, I decided it was time for a Kohl’s trip. And I did find a very, very cute two-piecer that says “Hello! I am fun and sporty and EIGHT-YEARS-OLD!” So that was good.

…And then I sashayed right on over to the purse section. I wasn’t really in dire need, but I had noticed that the stitching on my purse strap was unraveling, and the strap was also all cracked and rather wretched. But it wasn’t all that noticeable, so I had time if I didn’t find something super cheap. I forgot to take into account that I might fall madly in love with something, which is what I did.

That’s my new purse. It’s just large enough that I can fit my laptop in it, but small enough that I wouldn’t call it primarily a laptop bag. And best of all, it’s filled with a bright, shiny color! (I am supposed to learn to back slowly away from non-colors. Half of my support group is celebrating madly, the other half is yelling – loudly – that granny-smith green is still an earth tone.) Meanwhile, I am celebrating the fact that I can now just throw my laptop in my purse instead of lugging a purse, a lunch bag, and a laptop case to work every morning. I love me some simplification. Especially when it only costs $25, ftw!

And then…oh, then came Sunday. I had been muddling over a possible purchase for quite awhile. I had been socking away my overtime, trying to decide whether or not to splurge. Sunday, I finally did it – I bought an iPhone.

I KNOW! ME! An iPhone! I was so excited at the store, getting all set up and picking out a very bright red case for my new baby. Then I got home and broke into a cold sweat off and on all night because it will be an extra $30 to the budget every month. I just don’t do things like that! Except, yes, yes I did. It only took me six hours before I realized I was completely and utterly addicted to the thing. Wanna watch the Bruins game while also watching Grey’s Anatomy? I can do that. Want to check your Twitter feed without getting up from the couch? Yep, can do that, too. Need to download an emergency back-up book or two for the flight, without giving up precious carry-on space? Very first app I downloaded. I also have my eye on the Nike GPS/run app. And Draw Something. And…and…and….

This is exactly why I don’t let myself splurge. I tend to get a wee bit out of hand. It’s just like opening Pandora’s box. Only worse. (Oooh! Pandora….)



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3 Responses to “I’m not an addict til I admit there’s a problem.”

  1. Agent Torklepants Says:

    YAY! look for a free app called Wit Stream!!!! a comedian (Michael Ian Black, from I love the 80s,90s, etc) made this site that collects all the funniest tweets =] its great. YAY!

  2. Kathy Says:

    Ha! I would be just like that. Ohhh, pretty new phone – Yikes!! Extra monthly payment. Love the purse though & love that you love your splurges.

  3. Gayle Says:

    Good for you! I just got a smart phone for my b’day last month and I can’t believe how much I love it! Have fun!

    Also, I love your new purse!

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