A little too much nature.

What is it with me and nature and running? I was having such a lovely run this morning. I was so excited about this announcement – there is going to be a 5k and half marathon on our local speedway! Not that I’m into NASCAR or racing or anything like that; I loathe racing. But! How many times do you get to race on aspeedway?! It would be just! like! running as fast as a car!

Ahem. Yes. Well, so I was psyched about running and along I went, la la la la la, all happy about work and happy about running and happy about sleeping in a bit tomorrow when I saw a herd of butterflies float by. Then I had a moment about being happy about the butterflies. I am going to miss the butterflies when their migration season is over – I swear there is one butterfly who runs with me each time I’m out. Seeing a couple dozen butterflies when you’re running makes you feel justthat much more peaceful. So. See? Happy with the running and nature and everything.

Of course, then I almost swallowed a butterfly. The thing flew into me, panicked, flew up near my face just as I was sucking in oxygen (sweet, sweet oxygen) and then I had to hack that thing out like a bad hairball. Stupid butterfly.

And then I was running again, looping back around, recovering from my near-death-by-butterfly experience when I saw a small black scorpion on the sidewalk. Thankfully, when I did a doubletake to see if I had really just run past what I thought I had run past, I noticed it was also a very squished small black scorpion. Kinda makes a gal glad the two nature run-ins weren’t reversed!

Good thing I don’t go running down the new nature trail they just connected to our neighborhood – it weaves very close to the river and through the woods and neighbors say they’ve seen tusk marks from where the feral hogs have been rooting. Then again, maybe that’s the motivation I need to really kick the running up a notch!


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4 Responses to “A little too much nature.”

  1. Jenna Hatfield Says:


    I haven’t been out to our nature trail for awhile, but last year, I was racing the locusts. It was fun.

  2. Kim Says:


    we’re going to find them in June.

  3. Kathy Says:

    Please not feral pigs -they are a hot issue in MI right now. They are being slaughtered and the twists on the story would be comical if not for the death threats to some state employees.

    Thanks for the nature story. I really needed a smile today and there you were.

  4. sugarmag Says:

    Between the scorpion and the tusked, feral pigs, I would probab’y never go outside again.

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