Sweet and too sweet.

I wasn’t really feeling it tonight. Then again, sometimes those are my best nights: running out the stress, the anger, the overworkedness. (Oh that is too a word. Shoosh.) There might not have been any stress or any anger tonight, but this is the storm before the rainbow, this week is. And so even though I wasn’t really feeling it, I went running to cleanse all of the projects and the phone calls from my day.

Only it didn’t really help.

Running two miles still felt like an accomplishment, but instead of feeling all-over kickass, it was a jumble of high highs and lowly lows.

I didn’t see Maximum, my hawk, and that made me sad. But neither did I see any of the rainclouds or storms that were predicted to start rolling in, and that was good.

There was smell after smell tonight – something I usually don’t notice – but it’s hard not to when one guy is cutting his lawn (freshly cut grass smells like sneezes to me, no kidding), and then I was hit with the overpowering gasoline from another neighbor’s chainsaw as he pruned a giant hedge, and then there was the random smell of the evening: nail polish. I have no idea why one driveway reeked of it, but it did.

Just as I was about to write off the evening due to my meh attitude and the annoying smells tripping me at every corner, the adrenaline kicked in and I started noticing all the awesome. And by the awesome, I mean all of the butterflies. I thought from when I first turned onto the sidewalk and started running that there were more butterflies out than usual. One pretty brown and yellow fella flirted with me from my mailbox down past the first street and then all the way to the corner. I saw monarchs and yellow butterflies and white butterflies. Some played tag and others flitted from grass to flowers to shadow and back again. And then there was The Butterfly Bush. Every time I passed this one bush, dozens of butterflies swarmed up and rushed my face and landed on my arms and my hair before dancing back to their perch again. It was amazing! I thought that it must be evidence of how sweet I smelled (/sarcasm), but then I realized what it must be.

And here’s where the “too sweet” comes in to spoil the sweetness of the butterflies. Amongst all of the overpowering smells, the queen of them all was the cloying-to-the-point-of-vomiting smell of the flowering bushes. Don’t get me wrong – spring is great and I love all the green and all the flowers. But good gosh almighty – these bushes have to go. At least the smell wasn’t as bright yellow-white as it was on Sunday; today it had greened up a bit. Still, I’m sure that with all my sweating and the breeze and all, once I walked past the bush the sickeningly sweet smell stuck to my sweaty skin and that is what caused the butterflies to say OH! A running FLOWER! Let’s suck her dry! Or. Um. Something.

And that was my sweaty, sweet, too sweet run tonight. There not all going to come up roses – some nights they’re just going to be the thing you get through. And since it’s still two miles down whether I kicked ass or not, I’m okay with that!


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2 Responses to “Sweet and too sweet.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    At least you ran. I haven’t done anything for months.

  2. Gayle Says:

    You are so good running two miles!!! I haven’t exercised for a week because, can you believe, I have chicken pox?! At my age?!

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