What it takes to make a weekend feel productive.

I have a love/hate relationship with Craigslist. Getting rid of old stuff you no longer love? AND getting a lil cash for it? LOVE! Dealing with the crazy unable-to-communicate potential nutjobs? Meh. Not so much, thanks. But, hey – did you see that part about the cash? And not having to deal with getting rid of things?

This weekend, I finally sold two old bookcases that I’ve had since I moved to Texas. They were still functional, if not the prettiest bookshelves in the world. The problem was that I have been slowly swapping in pieces in a different wood tone (and better construction) and the bookcases were becoming a bit of an eyesore. Craislist to the rescue! A nice lady responded, we haggled, a deal was struck. She planned on dragging her brother and her brother’s truck out early Saturday afternoon to pick them up.

That is a lot of books and things that need new living space.

That is how I found myself cleaning off bookshelves and rearranging my pretty, pretty hordes of books on Saturday morning. I emptied one of the bookcases I was keeping, one of the new ones, and made it the dedicated media bookshelf: all of our DVDs and CDs went there. I had to double up on most of the shelves, but it worked. My other bookcase had to take on a larger load, too. No more dedicated shelves to my favoritest books, or stories about travellin’ down proverbial rabbit holes, or survivalist stories. With the exception of my To Be Read books, all the shelves were managed in a method of Optimum Space.

Yeah, at my house that is only going to go so far. Even after I sold a ginormous bag of books to a local resale shop. (And, um, bought five more books with the proceeds. Whoops.) I still had a couch full of kids books and three shelves of fiction and non-fiction to find a home for.

And thatis how I found myself teetering on the top of my refrigerator, hoping it wouldn’t topple over, while I created this:

With a few exceptions, those books are all non-fiction from my African-American studies classes from college and similar books I picked up afterwards. Maybe not very convenient when I want to re-read something, but my kitchen feels a million times better with that many books in it.

The effect isn’t as complete, but I decided to add my hardcover Stephen King collection – which amounts to the Dark Towerbooks and the one or two recent books I don’t have in paperback – to the ledge in my master bath. I know that probably sounds like a random place to put Stephen Kings, but the double doors leading into the bath always make me think of the doors in Dark Tower and… yeah, what am I thinking – you either get it, or you don’t. Nothing’s gonna lessen the crazy if you don’t. Heh.

While all of this reshelving was taking place, the Craigslist Crazies cancelled on me. Or, rather, the lady said her brother couldn’t take her and she needed to reschedule for Sunday. It was the one time on Sunday that would be inconvenient for me, but it was the only time she could make it and I just wanted the deal done. Especially after I’d gone through all that work to empty the dang bookcases. Between 5 and 7 p.m. on Sunday it was.

Which is why I was rather surprised when I pulled into my driveway Saturday night, just after 5 p.m., and saw a text from the Craigslist Crazy that they were on their way. Um – did she not remember the lengthy discussion that I couldn’t do it Saturday night? Isn’t that why I compromised with the two-hour block on Sunday? But you know what – I was home, I could stick around for awhile, and then it would be done. And that’s just what happened.

I got my new bookcase with the extra cash, and while the books are still a little extra squishy than they were with a fourth bookcase hanging around, everything looks much, much nicer than when I started.



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3 Responses to “What it takes to make a weekend feel productive.”

  1. Gayle Says:

    The cool ledges in your house are perfect for books, even in the bathroom! I’m glad the Craigs List crazies came through and bought your old bookshelves!

  2. Kim Says:

    Who doesn’t understand the logic of putting books in ALL the rooms – including the bathroom!? Surely not anyone we know 😉

  3. Kathy Says:

    Yep, ditto Gayle, love the cool ledges. The books look great there. The new shelves are neat too.

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