Winning the battle.

For at least five minutes last weekend, I was the coolest mom on the planet. Trust me – I have it from two very reliable sources. How did such a mom, the Responsible Mom, the Mom Who Isn’t Afraid to Say No, accomplish such a coup? I have two words for you: Battle Peeps.

I’m sure I’m the very last person on the planet to have heard of Battle Peeps, since the phenomenon seems to be all over Facebook. Since I don’t Facebook (fake accounts created by neighbors aside), I heard about it from my sister. And I promptly ran over to Target to procure some Peeps because, Hello! Gots to have!

What exactly is Battle Peeps? Let me show you. I’m pretty sure the reasoning behind my Greatest Mom Evah! award will be self-evident when I’m through.

First, you need Peeps. Two colors will make this easier. Or, um, I’m sure multi-colors will work, too, if you want to get a little March Madness bracket action going. No judgin’ on melty marshmallow fun over here is all I’m sayin’.

Select the strongest, fittest Chick from each package and place them on a microwavable-safe dish, facing off about an inch apart. Then, you take a toothpick and insert the swords into the front of each Peep like so:

Es muy importante to note that despite what this Peepy picture depicts, you DO NOT want the Chickies’s swords to point up! No, no, no. All swords must be paralellel to the plate and facingtowards the other Chick. Otherwise the chicks will need to inflate to the size of your head before they hit each other; we want our Battle Peeps to actually, you know, battle, not just tilting at windmills.

Place the arena…er, um, the plate…into the microwave. Even on my low-wattage microwave, I only had to let the ferocious little Peeps go at it for a minute. Then let the pipsqueaks you’re entertaining (even if it’s just your buddies in the breakroom) ooh and ahh and place bets on the winners. Once a Chick’s sword nicks his opponent, that Peep is the winnah! Yay! <insert crazy Muppet arms here>

Obviously I have no idea how to take a good pic of something getting nuked in a kitchen appliance. Are there classes for that? Even more entertaining, please note how mah Chicks look slightly Godfather-esque. Just me? Ookay. Moving right along…

I know it looks too close to call, but trust me: Pink won. In fact – Spoiler Alert! – Pink won 4 out of 5 battles at Casa de Katie. Please prepare your chilluns that Battle Peeps – like life – often is not fair and is left up to chance. Battle Peeps do not know to take turns!

Thankfully, there was much melted marshmallowy goodness with which to console them. Look at how FlatStanley the Peeps went:

I might have only been the coolest mom in the entire world for five whole minutes, but it was worth it.


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4 Responses to “Winning the battle.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    No picture. What the heck is Battle Peeps?? I got to be hero mom too – we went to see The Hunger Games. :p

  2. Kathy Says:

    Thank you for fixing the post just for me. Oh, we will have to do this at my house. Even my big kids like to put Peeps in the microwave – this will make that more fun. Vacuuming packing them happens to be very entertaining too.

  3. gayle Says:

    Okay, we’ve nuked peeps before, but never had them battle! Gotta try this!

  4. Praca w Anglii Says:

    Praca w Anglii…

    […]Winning the battle. « Can’t Get There From Here[…]…

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