Juju I should have conjured.

I’m happy to say that we were not blown away by any tornadoes last night. Not a one. I started worrying when our Tor:Con went from 7 to mysteriously missing and back to 6. I worried more when our favorite storm chaser, Reed Timmer, ::cough:: calmly suggested that the metroplex have an action plan in place for the afternoon BECAUSE WE WERE ALL GOING TO DIE. And I worried a tinge bit more when the winds before the front were so wicked that pieces of my roof started blowing off and going flippity-flappity before the storms even moved with counties of us. So I moved the spare mattress into the closet, made sure my laptop, camera, and phone were all charged and waited. Of course there was no tornado.

Instead, we’re all going to float away in the flood. Because we have a flood warning and the river is going to sweep away my entire county. Holla!

This morning as I was trying to think of what I could do while I dashed to get ready for work and school (which curiously were not cancelled), I wondered if I even had flood insurance. Hmm…maybe I should have checked on that while they were warning about the epic storm.

I wondered if I should have tied some little water wings to the side of my house. You know – kinda like the juju of moving the mattress: you do it, and it will not come.

Moving from one inflatable to another, I thought about maybe buying one of those little blow up boats. Nothing professional, of course – that would be ridiculous! – but maybe the kind that you see in pools. Just something to keep us afloat and away from the alligators. (“We’re all float down here.” Okay, and maybe away from the man-eating clowns, too.)

The computer is shelved pretty high up, but the modem and the other…switchy things…were still on the floor. Perhaps I should move them? But their cords are tethered pretty tightly. Screw it – I’ll just rescue my CPU later.

I did wedge a kitchen chair under the door handle to the back door: the winds were gusting to 70 mph and I was seriously afraid the door was going to blow in, given how much it was moving in the door jamb. Maybe if I had’ve put some towels near the lips of the doors, the juju could have held out the river.

And I’m definitely signing the girls up for swimming lessons. (Great. Now I have Tool’s “Learn to Swim” stuck in my head.)

Someone’s going to say that all the juju in the world won’t matter, but it keeps my crazy, crazy mind a little distracted from the worrying and the utter lack of control. Juju and baking. And the only reason I am not enjoying  something very tasty and time-consuming for breakfast is that I was doing everything I could to keep the power on last night. That’s worked (so far), so maybe the flood juju will too. But just in cases, send towels.



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3 Responses to “Juju I should have conjured.”

  1. Agent Torklepants Says:

    “juju juju juju juju juju…” now i have THAT stuck in my head =]

  2. Kathy Says:

    I seriously thought this was going to be a post about Tak and the Power of JuJu. I guess kind of it is, but not really. Sending good juju your way, no flood, no flying doors and the rest of the roof stays put!

  3. gayle Says:

    Yikes! You are a brave girl living in tornado land! I hope all is well (and dry) there.

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