The Legacy of Different continues…

I shouldn’t be surprised – after all, I am constantly yelling at reminding the girls that they cannot just lick ketchup off their plates. Sunday night when Bee was under the weather and nothing I suggested for dinner sounded good, I thought of the perfect solution, one my sister Kim couldn’t live without: toast and ketchup.

Yes, seriously.

Toast and ketchup was a breakfast staple growing up. There were years when Kim and my brother would eat either toast and ketchup or grilled cheese for breakfast. That’s it, end of story. There is no negotiating with breakfast terrorists. On Sunday at the park, Gracie announce apropos of nothing that she ate ketchup on her eggs (and Corrie agreed that yes, that was the only way to eat eggs), I remembered how sometimes Gracie and Bee seem to be more Kim’s offspring than my own. (Remember that one time when Bee brought extra socks – unprompted – to our tornado shelter?) The ketchup-and-eggs story stayed with me and that’s why I heard the suggestion come flying out of my mouth come dinner time.

Bee’s eyes lit up.

Sanctioned ketchup eating? Sure, toast wasn’t as good as a spoon, but it was good enough. Toast IS the neutral food carrier, after all. Suddenly, toast and ketchup sounded pretty dang good, even to a girl who didn’t want to eat anything.

The kid ate four pieces. Then her sister had two pieces to go with her soup. (She couldn’t be outdone by her lil sister, now could she?) And their mama, well, she just smiled and snapped pictures.

Sometimes I don’t feel so far from home, no matter how many miles there are.


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3 Responses to “The Legacy of Different continues…”

  1. Kim Says:

    You can tell Bee that’s what *I* ate for dinner a night this weekend when nothing sounded good 😀

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Wahchusett makes Ketchup Potatoe Chips. We got them for a friend who puts ketchup on EVERYTHING (mac n cheese rise mashed taters) as a joke =]

    You need to make her a cucumber steak & ketchup “samich” =]

  3. Gayle Says:

    That sounds weird…but not yucky. When I was a kid I loved ketchup on my eggs, and then our Scottish neighbors introduced me to ketchup on boiled potatoes. Yum!

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